Why do people say that octopus is an alien? What did scientists discover?

Everyone is familiar with octopus. As a living creature in the ocean, octopus has become a delicacy for human beings. Octopus has eight tentacles and is the smartest creature in the class Cephalopoda. Some people even claim that octopus is not an animal on earth, but an alien animal. Is there any scientific basis for this?


Although our science and technology level has been very high, but no one has really seen alien life, the image of aliens is still human imagination. Octopus is an alien creature. In fact, it is based on the physical characteristics of Octopus which is different from other creatures. So what outstanding ability does Octopus have to make human think it is an alien creature?

Intelligence quotient of octopus


Human beings are the intelligent civilization on earth, with high intelligence. Although octopus is just a small creature in the ocean, its wisdom should not be underestimated. We can imagine such a picture, if the human beings are locked in a closed glass bottle, without any high-tech products, how to escape? It’s hard to get out of this space only by one person’s strength, but it can. Put an octopus in a sealed glass bottle, it can use a sucker to hold the cap, then turn the body, twist the cap to escape.


The camouflage ability of octopus

In addition to its superior escape ability, octopus is good at changing its color according to its environment. Chameleon in nature is a master of camouflage, if compared with octopus, its camouflage technology can only be regarded as the primary stage. There are many pigment cells in octopus. When Octopus preys, these cells will change the color of Octopus into the color similar to the environment. When it is hunting, it likes to use shells to camouflage. When prey comes near, it suddenly rushes out and kills unprepared.


Octopus genes


Octopus body structure is very special, most of the animals in nature have only one heart, and octopus has three hearts. Two hearts feed two gill shoes, and the other carries oxygen to all parts of the body. The reason why octopus is considered an alien creature is actually related to its regenerative ability. Life has a deadline. Most creatures in nature have only one life. When octopus is not a prey, they break their hands and feet. After a period of time, these claws and teeth will grow again. Scientists have analyzed the genes of octopus, and found that its genes are far more complex than those of human beings, and some of them are not possessed by earth creatures.

That’s why many people think octopus is an alien. If you want to solve the secret of octopus, maybe you have to wait until the new leap of human science and technology. Do you think octopus is left by earth life or aliens?

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