Why do people say Zuckerberg is a robot? What did he do at the 2018 hearing?

Now, human beings are entering the age of intelligence. Scientists believe that the future world must be intelligent. Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly. On the street, we can see robots live in peace with human beings, and can help human beings solve various problems and better serve human beings. Many technology companies have turned their attention to artificial intelligence, for example, Sophia is a successful artificial intelligence. Is it true that Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is a robot?


Zuckerberg’s behavior aroused public opinion


Zuckerberg is a successful entrepreneur who is only 36 years old. He has successfully created Facebook and become a well deserved rich entrepreneur. He is also listed in the Forbes rich list. Perhaps he is young, different from many experienced entrepreneurs. Since his name appeared in front of the public, doubts about him have never stopped. Especially at the hearing held in 2018, netizens speculated through his behavior that he was not like a human, but like a controlled robot.


Zuckerberg once said


i was human


The first cause of human doubt is his slip of the tongue. When he introduced himself, he suddenly said: I was human. I used to be a human. Does that mean he is not a human now? This is his slip of the tongue or the fact that he inadvertently said, which caused a lot of controversy among netizens. Secondly, human beings are more concerned about his facial expression. In the 10 hour hearing, Zuckerberg’s facial expression management was very appropriate, even a little too meticulous. Some people asked sharp questions, he did not show any panic, made a variety of expressions as if rehearsed in advance.


We all know that people use drinking water to cover up their panic when they are nervous. Although Zuckerberg has made standardized expression management, he has also made the action of drinking water. We all know that robots can’t drink water to eat. Is Zuckerberg’s action masking his panic? When someone asked him if he was a robot, his behavior was extremely natural. He just drank water, so people suspected that it was hiding his guilty.


If Zuckerberg is really a robot, how can he be energetic during the 10 hour hearing? People think it might have something to do with the cushion on his chair, which might be his charger. Netizens began to imagine all kinds of details of Zuckerberg, and even some people really believe that Zuckerberg is a robot.


Netizen’s guess is not groundless, Zuckerberg’s facial expression and behavior is relatively rigid. But as the founder of Facebook, he has brought great convenience to human beings. All kinds of human opinions are based on facts. Do you think Zuckerberg is a robot?

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