Why do people take off their clothes before they freeze to death? Is it abnormal or normal?

Human beings are very fragile in front of the natural interface. Although human beings have created a lot of high technology, they can not escape the fate of death. Human beings are adventurous. Many explorers choose to explore the steep and cold mountains in order to see the glacier. Every year, many explorers die from avalanches or other accidents. But if you look at what they look like after death, you can see that they are not normal. Why did you take off your heavy clothes when you were frozen to death in a cold place?


The body temperature is regulated by the environment


Did they suffer bad things before they died? Or is the temperature freezing the brain? Neither of them. Scientists have also studied this phenomenon, which is the normal reaction of people before dying of freezing. It is called “abnormal strip phenomenon” in medicine. Because the human body’s cold resistance mechanism has changed, the human body’s perception has been confused.


Human body temperature is constant, 37 degrees is the standard value of human body temperature, generally speaking, body temperature will not appear particularly big contrast. Human body temperature is not regulated by our consciousness, it will follow the changes of the environment. When the external temperature begins to drop, the body temperature gradually loses. When the loss reaches a certain degree, the cold protection mechanism in the body begins to work. In fact, it is the first aid measures taken by the brain to protect the safety of life.


This phenomenon is caused by the protection mechanism of human body


When the outside temperature begins to drop, the heat in the body gradually loses, and the brain begins to adjust. In order to reduce the temperature of the flow, pores began to gradually shrink, fat began to tremble, exercise to provide heat, so that body temperature will get a short rise. If the external temperature has been falling, then the brain will make the body tremble more severely to recover the body temperature. In the process of fat trembling, it will definitely consume energy. There is a limit to the glucose in the human body. When the glucose is almost consumed, if the body temperature is still falling, it can only be completed by contracting blood vessels.


When the blood flow slows down, although it can reduce the energy consumption, it can make the limbs freeze more severely. At this time, we will start to add clothes. If the situation is still not improved, the brain in order to protect the safety of life, will let the limbs frostbite, so many people with severe frostbite will choose amputation. If it gets to the most serious point, the brain has no way to save itself, and it will return to its normal operation. The contracted blood vessels are released, the blood flow accelerates, and the warm body temperature fills the body. Therefore, they will have the illusion of warmth and take off their clothes at this time.


In fact, this is the innate reaction mechanism of organisms, and it is also the instinct reaction before death. Once this illusion appears, then he is not far away from death. So in front of the mysterious natural interface, although human beings have their own protection mechanism, they are also powerless. What do you want to say about this phenomenon? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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