Why do people think the Chinese eye is just a vase? What scientists say makes people feel heavy

The universe is vast, there are countless galaxies and stars, and there are also countless mysteries waiting for human to explore. To explore the universe, we can’t do without exploration equipment, among which astronomical telescope is indispensable. Since the invention of astronomical telescope, human beings have more and more understanding of the universe, more and more in-depth exploration, more and more excited and afraid of the mystery of the universe.

Due to the limitation of science and technology, there are not many planets that human beings can send probes to explore. They are all concentrated around the habitable zone in the solar system. For the space of the solar system, we can only rely on astronomical telescopes. The famous astronomical telescope we all know belongs to the Hubble astronomical telescope. We often hear that Hubble has discovered another asteroid and another earth like planet Wait, Hubble’s reputation is not built in science.

Although China’s space exploration started late, its development is very fast. In 2016, a world-famous astronomical telescope was put into use in China. It is the China sky eye radio telescope in Guizhou, with a diameter of 500 meters. It is the largest radio telescope in the world at present. Its detection distance can reach an amazing 15.7 billion light years, and it can even detect human beings The edge of the universe.

China’s Tianyan is the crystallization of China’s latest aerospace technology. However, such a great telescope has been suspected by many Chinese people that it is just a vanity. It’s just a huge “decoration” and a “vase” that is not in use. Is that really the case? Now let’s listen to the explanation of scientists. After reading it, you will feel proud and heavy at the same time.


There is no doubt that China’s heavenly eye is very strong. This is a fact acknowledged by the world’s scientific community. How strong is it? Make a metaphor: if you make a phone call on the moon, the eye of heaven can find you, do you say strong or not. So why is the powerful Chinese heavenly eye regarded by many people as just a vase and a decoration? In fact, it has something to do with the low profile of the Chinese eye.

If you want to ask which astronomical telescope is the most popular in the world, it must be the Hubble Space Telescope. The reason is that it often appears in some media or styles. NASA also often announces that it has discovered an asteroid, discovered earth like planets, and so on. It is the frequent appearance of Hubble that makes it famous, and makes people think that Hubble is the first and the strongest in the world.

In fact, since the emergence of China’s eye of heaven, Hubble has only ranked second, and China’s eye of heaven is the first in the world. The reason why it is misunderstood by many people is that the eye of heaven doesn’t appear frequently. Since its completion in 2016, people know that China has the eye of heaven, and then few news about the eye of heaven has been heard. After a long time, many netizens doubted it I think it may not live up to its name.

Scientists said: it’s not that China’s Tianyan is not good, but that many netizens’ concerns have gone wrong. What we see on the Internet every day are basically some entertainment news and gossip news. People pay more attention to the news of some stars and pay less attention to the achievements in science and technology. That is to say, China’s Tianyan sometimes publishes some latest achievements, but will soon be given some entertainment news“ Since China’s Tianyan was put into use in 2016, 51 pulsars have been discovered, of which 11 have been confirmed as new pulsars.

When the news of the discovery of 51 pulsars by China’s Tianyan was released, it caused a great stir abroad. All of them were shocked by the power of China’s Tianyan. However, the news was only hot in China for a while and then disappeared. In foreign countries, the discovery of an asteroid by NASA will be regarded as a major event and become a hot spot on the Internet. However, the discovery of an asteroid is too easy for China’s sky eye. China’s sky eye will not waste time doing such a thing.


The real task of China’s eye is to look for extraterrestrial signals, extraterrestrial life and pulsars. It can be said that the real task of China’s eye is to look for extraterrestrial civilization. No wonder after the eye was built, Hawking warned China not to respond to extraterrestrial signals, otherwise accidents may occur.

The task of China’s sky eye is very great. Naturally, it must keep a low profile. When China’s sky eye discovers extraterrestrial signals, it can’t publish them on the Internet. This is an irresponsible performance. It has always been the dream of scientists to search for extraterrestrial life and civilization. At the same time, this kind of topic is also a confidential topic, even if it is really discovered The aliens can not be disclosed to the public, so as not to cause unnecessary panic.

China’s heavenly eye is to seek the service of alien civilization. Naturally, it must keep a low profile. Therefore, many people think that the heavenly eye is not good. The heavenly eye is just a vase. I believe that with the passage of time, when China’s heavenly eye discovers aliens one day in the future and publishes them to the world, people will be able to truly realize the power of the heavenly eye. Now they can only aggrieve it Accept these words in silence.

For Chinese people, we should pay more attention to the development of science and technology in our country and pay less attention to some frivolous news. Only science and technology can change the world and make China strong. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


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