Why do plants and polygraph experiments make people doubt the reality of the universe? What did psychologists do?

Put a lie detector on the plant, and the psychologist gets the result: it can understand my heart!


There is a saying that all things have spirituality, whether it is animals, plants, or microorganisms, all living objects have their own consciousness. The reason why we have such a view is the conclusion that we get from some small cases in our life. It’s very difficult for animals to communicate with each other through their own language, so it’s very difficult for us to form animal’s own ideas and behaviors.


Plants and animals are different. They don’t make sound, they stand there all their lives, and they can’t communicate with human beings more deeply. Will plants have their own consciousness? Once a scientist made such an experiment, in order to prove that everything is connected, the communication between plants and humans is likely to be a quantum entanglement phenomenon, and two particles can also be aware of each other’s existence.


Famous experiment of psychologist


Baxter is not a famous scientist or biologist. He is just a lie detector. He judges whether a person will lie according to the change of lie detector. In the process of lie detection, there are obvious differences in the subjects’ heartbeat, breathing and various psychological characteristics, and the resistivity of lie detector will also drop. In this way, he judges whether a person is lying.


In 1966, when Baxter was watering a pot of ornamental plants in his office, he suddenly had an idea: can polygraph test plants? At first, he wanted to test how long it took for the water to reach the leaves from the roots after watering, and then connect the polygraph, which might leave some changes. But after connecting the lie detector, the image he got seems not to be the transmission time of water, but to find that plants seem to have consciousness. What’s the matter?


The reaction of plants leads to the conjecture of the universe


During the test, he wanted to burn the leaves to see if the plants would react. At this time, he just had such an idea, but he didn’t take any action. Because he didn’t have any matches around him, he just had such an idea, and then he found that the curve on the side lie instrument had begun to change, just like people’s reaction in the face of fear. Then he realized that these plants could understand his heart. Before he could act, the plants knew what was in his mind. When he got the match and pretended to burn the plants, they didn’t react. At first, he thought it was a coincidence. After many iterations, he thought that the plants might have their own consciousness and emotions, and they could also connect with the surrounding things through quantum entanglement.


This experiment has not been recognized by most scientists. They think it is a pseudo science. Through this non rigorous scientific experiment, you think that plants have certain psychology. Later, after extensive reports, it misled the public. And all things have spirituality, this view can only stay on the level of philosophy, and can not be applied to science. But when this view was put forward, people even began to doubt the authenticity of the universe. What’s your opinion on this plant experiment?

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