Why do savages choose to live in Shennongjia instead of elsewhere?

In the aspect of savages, it has been recorded since the dynasty more than 3000 years ago, and has been mentioned constantly in recent years. Because there are a few people we have met, it seems more and more mysterious. About savages, you know nothing better than Shennongjia. According to some data, more than 400 witnesses have seen savages in Shennongjia, and they can even clearly describe the appearance of savages.

The savages they described are much taller than human beings. They walk in a semi upright state with thick black hair. Their behavior is the same as that of human beings. Not only that, they also found the big footprints of savages, dry feces and fallen hair in Shennongjia. There are also some people who have seen savages saying hello, eating food, and their companions whispering. Why do so many people see savages in Shennongjia? What is Shennongjia’s special geographical advantage suitable for the survival of savages? Let’s talk about it today.


The place name of Shennongjia comes from the legendary Shennong family, which is rich in all kinds of herbs. In reality, Shennongjia is located at the lower end of the altitude, where the most primitive ecological appearance has been maintained. It is also a National Nature Reserve and a rare geomantic treasure land in the world. Here not only the environment is almost the same as the original environment, but also the air temperature and precipitation are very suitable for the survival of animals and plants.

Besides these, food is one of the necessary conditions for animals and human beings to survive. Even sleeping consumes energy, which needs to be replenished from the outside world. Although Shennongjia is sparsely populated, the temperature and humidity here are suitable for the survival of plants. Fruit trees and nut trees can grow and bear fruit according to the season, so that wild people can have enough food to support them.


Shennongjia is located in a remote place and almost no one patronizes it, which also enables the savages to be free from human interference. With rich plants, diverse terrain, alternating cold and hot climate, and the oldest closed forest, we can probably know why Shennongjia is the place where the most savages are found.

The topic of savages can make people feel mysterious most. As for exploring whether there are savages, it is up to those scientists. One day, all the riddles about savages will be answered.


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