Why do scientists say that human civilization has never reached the first level? These three problems need to be solved!

Why do scientists say that human civilization has never reached the first level? These three problems need to be solved!


Since the first industrial revolution, mankind has started a new direction of development. After years of efforts, it has now officially entered the era of high technology. It took mankind only more than 200 years to achieve such high achievements. Once upon a time, it was impossible to dream of entering space and ocean. Now these dreams have become reality. When human beings really go out of the earth and enter the universe, they will really find out how beautiful the universe is and how small the earth is.


The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. Compared with the universe, it only occupies 1 / 4. The time when human beings appeared is not worth mentioning. Scientists are increasingly worried about the speed of human development. Since the universe has such a long history, there may have been other alien civilizations a long time ago, which are much older than human civilization. Their scientific and technological level is much higher than that of human beings. If they find the earth one day, will they attack human beings in order to compete for resources? If it is true, it will be a disaster for mankind. Why do scientists say that human civilization has never reached the first level? These three problems need to be solved!


According to the understanding of the universe, scientists have divided the possible civilizations in the universe into three levels. Which level does human belong to? Only through understanding can we know that perhaps human beings can not even reach the first level of civilization, and the power of each civilization is extremely powerful. Although human beings can make use of the resources on earth, they can’t make use of the resources of satellites and stars. Human beings have developed for more than 200 years. If they can’t reach the first level of civilization, wouldn’t it be too terrible. How can human beings break through the limit?


It’s like a gap that human beings can’t break through. Scientists believe that as long as these problems are solved, perhaps human civilization will make unprecedented progress. So what is it? First of all, the first is the breakthrough of human materials. Only with more advanced scientific and technological materials can we reach other planets. These planets need to be continuously excavated. If we don’t work hard, we will certainly not get any harvest.


The second is the limitation of life span. Human life span is like a fleeting moment. Everyone’s life span of several decades is gone in a flash, not to mention the history of the universe. If human beings really have the ability to fly out of the solar system, maybe the time spent is human life, and the possibility of solving the problem of life span is very small. The last one is the controllable nuclear fusion reaction. The solar radiation and heating is a kind of nuclear fusion reaction. This kind of reaction does not need to be controlled by human beings, but it is very difficult to master it. First class civilization can not be realized at all. Even if human beings really reach first class, there are limitations in technology. These problems that scientists worry about are not unreasonable.


Each one is considered according to the current conditions of human beings. Although human beings are at the bottom of the food chain, many fields have never been set foot. If we can succeed in solving these problems fundamentally, maybe human beings’ status in the universe will be completely different. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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