Why do scientists say that this planet should not exist in the universe? What’s the secret of it

There is no doubt that the universe is vast and boundless. There are too many stars in the Milky Way alone, not to mention the whole universe. The stars in the universe are just like the sand grains in the Sahara desert, but the sand grains are loose.

Scientists have been committed to looking for planets similar to the earth. One is to make preparations in advance for future human interstellar migration, and the other is to find and explore alien civilizations. Unfortunately, there is no progress yet.

Scientists have found several planets that are similar to the earth from 1% to 70%. Among them, one is very special, which is Kepler 78B.


The planet is located in the direction of Cygnus, 400 light-years away from the earth. It is 1.2 times the size of the earth and 1.7 times the mass of the earth. Although its volume and mass are similar to that of the earth, scientists have found that Kepler 78B should not exist in the universe.

See here, do you mind the lyrics “children, do you have a lot of question marks?” Do you wonder why scientists say that? Is there anything special about this planet?

Kepler 78B is very close to the central star. It takes about 8.5 hours to orbit the central star. It is one of the shortest planets in the universe.


Its surface temperature is as high as 2000 degrees Celsius. In such a world full of lava, what life will be like? Xiaobian can only think of turning into a wisp of smoke immediately. So it is not livable, life can not survive.

Scientists say that when the planetary system formed, the young star was so huge that it should have devoured Kepler 78B in orbit, but it was still very close to the central star, less than 1.6 million kilometers.

In our solar system, the distance between the sun and its nearest planet Mercury is 57.9 million kilometers. With this comparison, we have a clearer understanding of this distance!


Normally, it is impossible to form a planet at such a close distance, and it is impossible for a planet to revolve around a star, but it still exists.

Moreover, Kepler 78B’s position is very special, its orbit is located inside the central star, but scientists firmly believe that it is impossible to form a planet inside a star.

But it can not be produced and then migrated to the star, because there is only one result, that is, moths to the fire, self death. At present, no one can give a reasonable explanation.


The reason why Kepler 78B should not exist in the universe is not only because of the distance. Scientists also speculate that in the next three billion years, gravity will cause Kepler 78B to spin into the central star and be torn to pieces.

David Larson, an astronomer at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CDA), once commented on it

“This planet is a complete mystery. We don’t know why it came into being or how it moved to where it is today. But we do know that this situation will not last forever


How this planet was formed and how it will develop in the future is still an unsolved mystery, so scientists will say, shouldn’t this planet exist in the universe?

Xiaobian believes that only by developing science and technology well and conducting in-depth research and exploration when the technology is mature, can the mystery be solved.

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