Why do scientists think alien life exists? After reading these phenomena, you can see clearly

The origin of life is particularly magical, people have been exploring life from different angles. They are also full of curiosity and thinking about alien civilization.

After all, in such a vast universe, life can be born on the earth. Why can’t other planets?


Maybe there are non-human extraterrestrial life on other planets. In order to find such extraterrestrial life, scientists are constantly exploring this mysterious outer space.

The main reason why the earth can give birth to life is that the earth has various indispensable factors for life. For example, there are atmosphere, gravity, water and oxygen on the earth, all of which promote the birth of life.

Therefore, as long as there are planets in the universe that meet these conditions, it is possible to find new alien life. So scientists explored Venus a long time ago.


Venus is also known as earth’s “cousin” planet, because Venus is similar in size and mass to earth.

And Venus also has a thick atmosphere, and scientists think that life is likely to be born on Venus. So we started a series of explorations on Venus.


According to the findings of scientific research, the environment on Venus is actually very bad. Although it has a thick atmosphere, these atmospheres are mainly greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. We think that life is difficult to survive in this environment.

It is precisely because of these thick atmospheres that Venus is extremely hot and not suitable for life.

But according to scientific research, Venus’ environment may change in the future. So scientists are still looking forward to the extraterrestrial life produced by Venus.


Scientists have explored Mars as well as Venus. Because Mars is in the habitable zone, its environment is very similar to that of the earth.

Later, scientists discovered the existence of liquid water on Mars. This discovery is of great significance to scientists and us. The discovery of liquid water is likely to show that life exists.


In addition, Europa of the solar system (discovered by Galileo in 1610, it is the sixth known moon of Jupiter, the fourth largest moon of Jupiter, and the second closest to Jupiter among the satellites discovered by Galileo) It’s also thought to be a planet that could give birth to extraterrestrial life.

So there’s a good reason for the birth of Europa’s atmosphere, and it’s probably a good reason for the birth of life on the ocean floor.

Although we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life at present, I still believe that these planets may be able to give birth to life in the future.


When scientists explore planets and extraterrestrial life, they will reasonably explore planets according to the basic factors such as water resources, oxygen and atmosphere.

As long as a planet meets these basic conditions, we should believe that new life is likely to be born on this planet.


In order to correctly explore extraterrestrial life, scientists have never given up exploring outer space. Everyone has expectations and fantasies about it, hoping that scientists can find something in the future.

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