Why do scientists think extraterrestrial life might be ubiquitous? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

The earth is not only the home of human survival, but also a beautiful planet of life. How the early life of the earth was born, there is no definite answer in modern science. In ancient times, due to the lack of developed means of transportation, people’s scope of activities was very limited. Oriental people did not know the existence of Westerners, and Westerners did not know the existence of Africa in the world. People’s cognitive scope was very limited.

However, with the continuous progress of transportation, especially with navigation tools, some explorers went out to realize that the world is very big, and there are many different human beings, including yellow, white and black. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings can travel all over the world and have a lot of knowledge about the earth, especially about the life of the earth.

When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, people will think of such a vast world. Is there a life planet like the earth? Intelligent life like human beings? Some people may selfishly think that the earth is the only intelligent civilization planet in the vast universe, and human beings are lonely. But more people believe that life may be universal in the universe, especially scientists.


Why do scientists think extraterrestrial life might be ubiquitous? The reason why scientists think so is that with the rapid development of science and technology, we have more understanding of the needs of life for the environment. On the earth, there are countless forms of life, most of which need a suitable temperature and environment to survive. However, in some extreme environments on the earth, there are also some extreme organisms, which have a great influence on the environment The ability to adapt to the environment is beyond our imagination.

Since life can exist in some extreme environments of the earth, the possibility of life on some planets whose environments are not as good as the earth will naturally be much greater. Scientists believe that the basic material of life is all kinds of organic matter. As long as there is organic matter on the planet, there may be life. Is organic matter universal in the universe?

In order to explore this answer, scientists have explored many planets in the solar system for more than half a century. Venus and Mars, which are closest to the earth, are the first planets explored by human beings. I believe we all know that the temperature of Venus is as high as 460 degrees centigrade. In many people’s eyes, there is no life in this environment.

However, scientists have found that Venus has a thick atmosphere through studying the data of Venus observed by the probe. There may be special existence in the atmosphere. Moreover, scientists have also found signs of unidentified objects moving in these data of Venus. Could this be the life of Venus? There is organic matter in the atmosphere of Venus, and Venus and the earth are so similar, no matter in mass, volume or geological structure, they are almost the same, so scientists also call Venus and the earth sister planets.


Although the environment on the surface of Venus is bad, some areas may also allow life to exist. Scientists believe that long ago Venus was not the same as it is now, and it was also a beautiful planet like the earth. But later, the magnetic field disappeared, more and more greenhouse gases, and the temperature became higher and higher, so it became like this. Even though, we still can’t rule out Venus The possibility of birth.

After talking about Venus, let’s take a look at Mars. Mars is the most explored planet since human beings came out of the earth. Scientists also have great expectations for the existence of life on Mars. Although no life has been found on Mars, the existence of water and organic matter on Mars has been confirmed. Scientists also speculate that the possibility of life on Mars is very large.

After introducing the planets in the habitable zone, let’s look at the planets outside the habitable zone. Jupiter and Saturn have many moons, many of which have ice on the surface. Scientists believe that there may be liquid ocean outside these thick ice layers, which is not the source of life.


Titan is a very special planet. It is the only satellite in the solar system that has an atmosphere. Its surface atmospheric pressure is 1.5 times that of the earth’s surface. Moreover, the planet is dominated by nitrogen, with an ocean formed by methane on its surface. In addition, there are many organic matters. Scientists believe that there are probably methane dependent organisms in the methane Ocean on the surface of Titan .

Many planets on the edge of the solar system also have ice. For example, Triton is also a world of ice. Under the ice, there will probably be huge oceans. Therefore, scientists believe that Triton also has the possibility of life. Scientists have only made a preliminary exploration of the solar system and found so many planets that may have life.

And the solar system is just one of the hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy. How many extraterrestrial life will exist in the galaxy with a diameter of 100000 light years? Think about it is a huge number, and the Milky way in the universe is just a dusty galaxy. It can be seen that it is not unreasonable for scientists to think that life exists in the universe.

Although life in the universe may be universal, we still haven’t found any extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization due to the relatively backward human science and technology. The limitation of scientific and technological strength can not hinder human’s enthusiasm for exploring extraterrestrial life, nor can it exclude the existence of extraterrestrial life. Just like people in ancient times, without developed means of transportation, they could not reach the West and Africa, and they could not realize the existence of westerners and Africans.


However, the wisdom of ancient humans will not selfishly think that there are only people in the east of the whole earth. They must also guess that there are intelligent life like them in the Far West. From the perspective of the universe, we are actually the same as our ancestors in ancient times. Without more advanced means of transportation, we are unable to get out of the solar system and freely traverse the galaxy. Naturally, we are also unable to contact life and civilization outside the solar system.

However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, I believe that in the future, when we have sub light speed spaceships, light speed spaceships and super light speed spaceships, our vision will become wider and wider. At that time, the universal existence of extraterrestrial life will no longer be a secret, and we will be able to contact more extraterrestrial civilizations, communicate and trade with them, and then human civilization will be really strong To become an interstellar civilization.

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