Why do seeds travel around in space and fruits become fuller?

For the cultivation of fruit, scientists have put forward a new idea – whether the seed will become bigger after swimming in space.

In fact, we can see a lot of media on weekdays. They often report that the fruit is the fruit of space, and they have carried some kind of spacecraft, and they return to earth after going through space travel. But in fact, this is not the cultivation of the fruit of space at all, nor is it a simple tour of the universe, but it needs a series of very complex screening process to finally achieve the so-called goal Goals.

First of all, the varieties of fruits, such as some fruits with lodging resistance and strong disease resistance, can be selected. At the same time, the genetic stability must be better before they are qualified to enter the space capsule. At the same time, we all know that the space environment is very bad, with cosmic radiation and solar wind. They are high-speed particles, so they will destroy genetic material in a very high proportion, leading to gene mutation.


Then we humans can not feel all this, mainly because there will be a magnetic field on the earth, as well as the ozone layer. After all, the earth’s magnetic field can direct the solar wind to the earth’s north and south poles, while the anoxic layer can isolate ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, scientific observation and data show that our safety on earth is very guaranteed.

According to the information, it is very difficult to see gene mutation on the ground. Of course, excluding some cases of pollution, according to the survey on the Internet, 1 / 200000 is the probability of gene mutation of organisms on earth, but it is 1% in space. But some variation is 1 ‰ ~ 11020 / 10000 times or even hundreds of times, so for the earth, the probability is actually very high.

And after these space seeds have traveled around the universe and returned to earth, scientists have to screen them one by one. After all, no one knows which of them will have what kind of gene mutation.


At this time, botanists are responsible for their careful cultivation and care, and finally get the fruit, and then select some individuals with gene mutation.

In many people’s cognition, gene mutation is a negative word. But in fact, gene mutation is actually a neutral word, after all, it has a good side and a bad side, if it becomes a good side, then it is more resistant to lodging, and the fruit is sweeter and so on. After that, botanists will choose the best varieties to plant and let them reproduce naturally.

In fact, this is a very, very good way to speed up the process of improving human fruits. Of course, some people will not accept this method. However, according to the current data, this kind of food will not cause essential harm to human beings, or it can be said that there is no harm.


The wisdom of mankind is infinitely diverse, and many botanists are also working hard. Therefore, we should act together and protect the environment at the same time, so as to avoid the further outbreak of crisis on the earth, because only when man and nature coexist harmoniously, can man live a more comfortable life.

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