Why do sharks retreat when facing dolphins? This situation is really hard to say!

Why do sharks retreat when facing dolphins? This situation is really hard to say!


If humans are the dominant on land, sharks are the dominant in the ocean. Sharks have sharp teeth in the eyes of human beings, with amazing lethality and one of the best hunting abilities. Once the target is locked, it can be torn up in an instant. All marine creatures will give up when they see sharks. It is understood that sharks have a long history in the ocean. Due to the impact of the environment and the changes of the times, there are fewer and fewer species of sharks, but their appearance has not changed substantially.


Living conditions of sharks in the sea


The adaptability of sharks to the environment is good. It’s not surprising that humans are like small fish and shrimp in their eyes. When watching a lot of movies, you will always see the great white shark in the ocean. Its sensitive body and strong lethality make people deeply afraid. If you don’t pay attention, it will be swallowed by the great white shark, and the fishermen who are fishing will pay close attention. Why do sharks retreat when facing dolphins? This situation is really hard to say!


In fact, in shark’s cognition, human beings are not regarded as their food, but a lot of postures when human beings surf the sea are very similar to posters, sea lions and other creatures, and human beings are regarded as their food. Therefore, it will launch a ferocious attack on human beings. When it smells the smell of blood, it will be like beating chicken blood in an instant, and its lethality will increase sharply. When scientists have a deep understanding of sharks, they find a particularly strange phenomenon, that is, dolphins, which are also marine creatures, do not take the initiative to attack them.


Why don’t sharks attack dolphins


If in terms of lethality, dolphins can’t compete with sharks, why do sharks seldom attack dolphins? A lot of people have been to the aquarium. The dolphins in the aquarium are extremely interesting. They not only interact with people friendly, but also smile and even save people. They have to praise the intelligence of dolphins. According to relevant research reports, an adult dolphin’s intelligence has reached the age of 6-10 years old of a child. The reason why sharks don’t eat dolphins is not because of how smart they are, but because dolphins are not fat animals. Sharks show their skills when facing fat animals.


Dolphin meat is not so delicious, so sharks usually ignore it directly. In addition, there is another big reason. Most dolphins are in groups, while sharks like to be alone. The power of unity is powerful. If sharks attack them rashly, they will not be flattered at all. Some of them are weak, and dolphins can use ultrasound to exchange information, which sharks can’t do.


Generally speaking, sharks have the ability of sharks, and dolphins have the advantage of dolphins. They don’t interfere with each other. For this thankless thing, sharks will not do, it will only capture some weaker than their own creatures. However, scientists have found that there is a creature that can swallow a dolphin at a time. It is a bull shark. In front of the bull shark, the dolphin is not worth mentioning at all. Nature is very magical. There are too many unknown creatures. As long as human beings dare to take risks under the premise of ensuring safety, they will find more new things. Do you think there is any reason why sharks seldom provoke dolphins

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