Why do some people in the West worry about China’s heavenly eye? What can it find?

In 1957, mankind successfully launched the first man-made satellite, which declared that mankind was officially free from the shackles of the earth and opened the era of space exploration. This is a great achievement. It is an achievement made by human beings after millions of years of evolution and 5000 years of civilization development.

After mankind successfully opened the era of space exploration, it soon realized the astronauts’ first space trip, and in 1969, it also successfully realized the first manned landing on the moon. These are the great achievements of human beings in a short period of decades. Now more than 60 years later, the pace of human space exploration is gradually advancing.

When human beings really go out of the earth and see the vast universe, there is a huge puzzle in front of us, that is, does alien civilization exist? Before human beings walked out of the earth, we had almost nothing to know about the universe. At that time, many people thought that human beings were lonely in the universe. But when we really see the vast universe beyond the earth, this doubt has basically disappeared.


Most people think that human beings are not alone in the universe. In the unknown corner of the universe, it is also possible to have the same intelligent civilization as human beings. There may be many civilizations. In fact, the scientific and technological strength far exceeds that of the earth. It is already a powerful interstellar civilization.

Of course, before the discovery of alien civilization, we just guess everything about it. So how to find the trace of alien civilization? Some scientists think that by sending out exploration spacecraft, they have been moving out of the solar system. In this way, many years later, when the Spacecraft flies out of the solar system, it may be discovered by alien civilizations. So in 1977, scientists launched voyager-1 and voyager-2 spacecraft, each carrying a CD-ROM recording human information and earth coordinates.

It’s a look for scientists to search for alien civilization by exploring spacecraft. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of human’s understanding of the universe, scientists believe that the possibility of Voyager spacecraft discovering alien civilization is almost zero, because their speed is too slow, and the diameter of the solar system is up to 2 light-years. It takes tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system at such a speed.

It is obvious that the way to search for alien civilization by means of exploration spacecraft can not be achieved with the current human science and technology. Only by preliminarily realizing the sub light speed flight, can we hope to go out of the solar system and explore alien civilization. However, it is not a matter of time for human beings to realize sub light speed flight. It may take a long time.


The hope of exploring spaceships was dashed, and scientists began to think of other ways to explore alien civilization. At this time, some scientists thought of using radio telescopes. We all know that if a civilization develops into the era of science and technology, then the use of radio is inevitable. The more powerful the scientific and technological civilization is, the more powerful the wireless communication technology is.

If it is an interstellar civilization, then their wireless communication technology may have developed to the stage of quantum communication, because interstellar navigation, only relying on the speed of light signal transmission is obviously not enough, that is too slow, only the super speed of light communication technology can meet the needs of interstellar communication. If there are many powerful interstellar civilizations in the universe, then these wireless signals may be transmitted in the universe. As long as we can receive such mysterious signals, we may be able to know the existence and location of alien civilizations.

It is theoretically feasible to search for extraterrestrial civilization by searching for the signals of extraterrestrial civilization, so scientists built the radio telescope Arecibo. Its powerful performance has made a great contribution to the search for cosmic signals, but it still has not found the possible signals of extraterrestrial civilization in the universe.


On September 25, 2016, led by the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China’s sky eye, the world’s largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope with China’s independent intellectual property rights, was completed and put into use. The birth of China’s sky eye directly replaced Arecibo’s strongest position in the world, because its comprehensive performance is 10 times that of Arecibo.

How powerful is the Chinese eye? Its signal search is very sensitive and fine, and it can receive weak signals as far as 13.7 billion light years away. Such a powerful radio telescope should have been welcomed by people all over the world, but in the western world, many people raised their objection and worries. Why?

Hawking, a world-famous physicist, also warned China’s heavenly eye that its power might expose the existence of the earth, let the alien civilization know the earth’s coordinates, and then pose a threat to the earth and human civilization. As we all know, Hawking has always held a negative attitude towards the search for alien civilization. He thinks that alien civilization is not necessarily friendly.

If human beings are not lucky enough to find a malicious alien civilization, then once they come to the earth, their powerful strength is totally beyond human resistance. It may bring great disaster and crisis to human beings. Does Hawking’s worry exist? Theoretically, it’s entirely possible.


As long as it is an intelligent life, that is a life body with emotion and thought, then there will be good and evil in intelligent civilization. Even the interior of a civilization can not be unified. Take human beings for example, internal contradictions often intensify. There have been many wars in the history of human civilization. If human beings also find a very backward civilization in the future interstellar exploration, what kind of attitude will we take?

Maybe at that time, there will be two voices within human civilization. One voice is to contact and communicate with this indigenous civilization peacefully with goodwill, and the other voice may be completely different. They think that the strength of indigenous civilization is far less than that of human beings. We should wipe them out and then occupy this planet.

It can be seen that once the existence of the earth is discovered by the alien civilization, these two kinds of sounds may also appear. Some people object to China’s heavenly eye. They may be worried that we will expose ourselves when we search for signals of alien civilization. Of course, some people in the West are against China’s sky eye. There is also a worry that its powerful signal detection capability will make the western world have no secrets.


In terms of working principle, China’s sky eye and radar detection system are very similar. After some technical optimization and adjustment, this is the most advanced radar system in the world. It means that the existing stealth technology may all fail in front of the eye of heaven, so some Westerners are panicking. When the Arecibo radio telescope was built, there was no objection in the world.

Of course, the opposition of a few people can not prevent the operation and use of China’s heavenly eye. Its powerful performance will bring a lot of benefits to human exploration of the universe. Soon after China’s Tianyan was put into operation, it brought good news to mankind, that is, 132 high-quality pulsars were discovered, of which 93 are brand-new pulsars discovered for the first time.

Moreover, since the beginning of this year, China’s sky eye has officially launched the signal exploration program for extraterrestrial civilization. Its powerful performance may be able to really search for mysterious signals of the universe in the future, thus making a great contribution to the search for extraterrestrial civilization. Many scientists speculate that China’s heavenly eye may be responsible for the first discovery of alien civilization.

Of course, it is unclear whether the search for alien civilization is good or bad, because our knowledge of the universe is very limited, and we know nothing about alien civilization. Only when we really come into contact with some alien civilizations in the future can we have a preliminary understanding of cosmic civilization. In any case, science and technology is the foundation of human survival in the universe. Only with our growing scientific and technological strength can we avoid the possibility of interstellar war and make contact with more cosmic civilizations in the future.


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