Why do some people like to use expensive iPhones when their income is very low?

Apple’s mobile phone is really very easy to use. No matter in terms of performance or fluency, it is much better than many Android phones. It mainly depends on the A-Series processor and IOS system of Apple’s mobile phone. Every year, Apple releases a new processor, and its performance is far better than that of Qualcomm snapdragon. Moreover, it has always been far ahead of Huawei Kirin So it’s very comfortable to play games with apple mobile phone. I believe we all know about the system of Apple mobile phone. There are many apple mobile phone users who can’t do without Apple mobile phone because of IOS system. If they suddenly switch to Android system, it’s really hard to adapt for a while.


Although the performance of Apple’s mobile phone in all aspects is really excellent, and it is also loved by many consumers, the high price of Apple’s mobile phone is also hard for many ordinary consumers to accept. Take this year’s iPhone 11 series as an example, although the starting price is much more conscientious than before, only 5499 yuan, at least the same as the previous apple If the starting price of mobile phone is much cheaper, but in fact, such a price is beyond the acceptable range of some ordinary consumers.


However, it is not difficult to find that there are a large number of people with low income ability, such as student party, basic wage earners and so on, among the current apple mobile phone users, and even many netizens think that the people with lower income ability prefer to use Apple mobile phone, so why on earth?


In fact, the reason is relatively simple. On the one hand, the apple IOS system that we just talked about, even if it has been used for three or four years, generally will not get stuck. For the iPhone 6S that can be released in 2015, although it was a model released four years ago, in fact, there is no pressure to play some mainstream mobile games now This also greatly ensures the value preservation rate of mobile phones. Even if you don’t want to use Apple mobile phones for a long time, you can sell them at a good price on some second-hand sales platforms.


The second is driven by vanity. Today’s young people are very good face. They always feel that holding an Apple phone in their hand can improve their identity and status, so as to get the respect of other people. Because now many people like to measure a person’s identity by appearance. If you hold a cheap mobile phone in your hand or the mobile phone is not a well-known brand, the impression to others may be that the consumption level is not very high, but if you hold a apple mobile phone in your hand, then others will never feel poor, and this is a very realistic thing thing.


Finally, although the price of Apple’s mobile phone is really very high, it seems that ordinary consumers can’t afford it, but in fact, even if the salary is only two or three thousand yuan per month, it is easy to buy Apple’s mobile phone. After all, in recent years, Apple has often launched interest free activities in installments, which only need to pay a few hundred yuan per month and only need to pay a few hundred yuan per day You can use an apple mobile phone for more than ten yuan, so now, the pressure to use an apple mobile phone is no longer as great as it was more than 10 years ago. I don’t know what you think of this matter

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