Why do the three great scientists admit the existence of God? Did you find anything?

Human civilization has a long history of more than 5000 years, in these long time, there have been many civilizations, such as Maya civilization, Egyptian civilization and so on. However, most of these ancient civilizations did not come to the end, but disappeared in the process of development, leaving only some traces of civilization.

There are many ancient civilization relics all over the world. Scientists have made many important discoveries by exploring these relics. Whether it’s the remains of civilization or the historical books preserved until now, we can see some legends and descriptions about gods. China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, with a long history of 5000 years. Naturally, there are many myths and legends in China.


In the eyes of the ancients, God existed. They created the world, life and even the universe. However, with the continuous development of human civilization, we have entered the road of scientific development. In the scientific world, there is no God in this world, which is just a sustenance of the ancients for the unknown.

So in the world of science, talking about God is often regarded as a superstition. And many scientists will not believe in the existence of God, but there is no absolute. In the history of science for hundreds of years, three great scientists admit the existence of God. They are Newton, Einstein and Hawking.

Newton believed that everybody knew that he proposed the law of universal gravitation, which pointed out the direction of human physics research. He is a great scientist. If Newton can continue to study and explore in the direction of gravity in the latter half of his life, he may make greater achievements. Unfortunately, such a great scientist spent the rest of his life studying theology and alchemy.


Einstein, a great scientist, put forward the great theory of relativity and the equation of mass and energy. His contribution to mankind is greater than Newton’s. So in the ranking of the scientific community, Einstein was the first, and Newton was the second.

Einstein, who has such a position in the scientific community, also has a reverence for God. His famous view is that “God can’t roll dice”. That is to say, everything in the universe is so orderly that it seems to be arranged, and the power behind the arrangement may only be explained by God.


Hawking is a great scientist in modern times. Although he is disabled and can only sit in a wheelchair, his wisdom is extraordinary. Hawking is still making great contributions to physics research with his disabled body. Hawking has his own unique views on the research and exploration of the universe, such as Hawking radiation on black holes.

Hawking is very supportive of Einstein’s “God doesn’t roll dice” view. He thinks that even though human beings have summarized the basic laws of the universe and obtained the theory that the universe originated from the big bang of singularity, we still can’t explain what happened in space before the birth of the universe?

With the deepening of human exploration of the universe, there are more and more knowledge about the universe, but more and more doubts. In particular, we are searching for extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization without finding anything, which makes scientists feel very strange.


From the perspective of the vastness of the universe and its age of 13.8 billion years, there should be many living planets and many intelligent civilizations in the universe. Some intelligent civilizations may have developed for hundreds of millions of years, billions of years. According to the development speed of mankind entering the era of science and technology, the development time of hundreds of millions of years is enough to make a civilization develop to a very advanced stage, and it should not be a big problem to freely travel all corners of the universe.

If so, we should be able to get in touch with alien civilization, but in reality, what we see is a lonely universe, without any extraterrestrial life or any alien civilization. Such a result has to make scientists think of a variety of possibilities. For example, some scientists have put forward the conjecture of virtual universe that the universe we live in may be simulated by advanced civilization, not a real world.


Everything in the universe is too regular, whether it is the birth and evolution of stars, the birth and evolution of planets, the birth and evolution of life and so on, there are too many incredible coincidences. Are these coincidences really coincidences? You know, even in a small solar system, scientists have found many unreasonable places. Is the birth of life on earth, the birth of the planet, and the birth of human really a natural evolution?

As for the universe, we only know that it is expanding rapidly and constantly. We don’t know how much it has expanded. And the expanding phenomenon of the universe also makes us have to think about an important question, that is, what will be outside the universe?

Some people may say that there is no universe other than us. However, this kind of cognition is more and more untenable. More and more scientists begin to believe in the existence of multiverse. They think that there is more space and more universes outside our universe.


If the multiverse really exists, then things will become more complicated and mysterious. The proposal of multi cosmology also makes us have to think about the real origin of our universe. It may have been created, so who created it? Could it be the Legendary God?

Just imagine that we can create such a huge scale of the universe at will, and we can arrange every detail more regularly. Besides God, what power can we do? If the universe is just a combination of innumerable accidents, there are too many unexplained problems, and innumerable accidents are difficult to form a perfect and orderly space, more or form a more chaotic space.


Therefore, scientists believe that there may be a mysterious force outside the universe. It is this force that creates the universe and formulates all the orderly rules of the universe. So what’s the power? Although some scientists say that this is the power of God, it is the power of God, but from a scientific point of view, we should understand that there is no God in this world, there is only the power of science.

The power of science is infinite. It can create miracles. If the power of science and technology of mankind is seen by ancient people, maybe we will also be regarded as gods, as God. Thus, the so-called God, the so-called God, may be just some intelligent civilization that has developed science and technology to a very high level.

We can imagine that in the vast space outside the universe, there are some very old universes with ancient civilizations that have developed for hundreds of millions of years. These ancient civilizations may have developed science and technology to the point of infinite approaching the ultimate. With the ultimate scientific power, it may not be difficult to create a universe.


In fact, the fact that Einstein and other scientists admit that God may exist does not mean that they believe that the Legendary God exists. We think that the so-called God may be a manifestation of the development of science and technology to a very high degree. If human beings develop science and technology to the end, we will also become God and God. Therefore, human beings work hard, and finally one day we will achieve this goal.

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