Why do tourists rush to see the whole process of a creature that only defecates once every two years?

Why do tourists rush to see the whole process of a creature that only defecates once every two years?


Defecation is a daily behavior that every creature will do. For example, people need to supply enough food every day, and then excrete through defecation. That’s why all kinds of toilets are built. According to the truth, defecation is not a glorious thing, animals in nature will find the right place to defecate. In life, we can often see the defecation of cats and dogs. With the education of human beings, they have learned to pay attention to hygiene. What’s more puzzling is that there is a kind of creature that is very popular when defecating and attracts people to watch. What’s the situation?


What kind of creature is the giant nitpede?


This animal is the king’s legged insect. Its number is extremely rare. It is mainly located in the bird feather aquarium in Sanchi Prefecture, Japan. According to the report, tourists have witnessed its defecation one after another. The main reason is that its defecation time is too long. It only starts once every two years. Tourists sigh that this is the first time to see it. It’s a great adventure to be able to witness this process. So what kind of creature is the giant legged insect? What is its charm that attracts all tourists to watch it? Why do tourists rush to see the whole process of a creature that only defecates once every two years?


At the first sight, many people think that it looks like an alien creature and has no aesthetic feeling at all. It has a strong shield on its back, which has many similarities with the tortoise. Under the shield are dense feet. If you watch it carefully, people with dense phobia will inevitably be afraid. It has a huge head and big eyes. Its overall image is similar to that of science fiction movies The aliens in the world are the same.


In addition to its peculiar appearance, its living habits are also quite different from those of ordinary creatures. It is said that it lives in the deep sea, and its frequency of defecation is the lowest, and it only defecates once every many years. Some people speculate that its excreta may be soluble in water, so it is difficult to observe its defecation process. If people do not defecate for a long time, it must be that their body function is destroyed and their metabolic rate is low.


What is the reason for the long life span of the giant beetle?


Don’t underestimate the giant legged insect. Its life span is generally about 40-60 years. It is the representative of the lowest metabolic rate in nature. Many people are wondering whether its long life span is related to its metabolism? In the final analysis, there is a necessary connection with the negative correlation. If people do experiments, can they also prolong their life? Many people express different views. Although the length of life is negatively correlated with the metabolic rate, human beings can not reduce the metabolic rate in the body, because human beings are a kind of thermostatic animals, and they have to provide energy to the brain all the time, so the metabolism is much more vigorous.


Compared with the giant legged insect, it must be quite different. Not only do many organs in the human brain and body need to be maintained, but also more energy is consumed, so the metabolism is faster. The giant legged insect is different. It doesn’t need the brain, and it seldom takes action, so the metabolic rate is low and normal. Defecating once every two years is also a miracle in history. Do you think that What’s your comment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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