Why do trains need to draw curtains when passing through “special areas”

Friends who often take the train know that when the train passes some places, the Steward will ask people to close the curtains. Why on earth? Now let’s explore the secret together.


First of all, in the evening, this is the most familiar and the most frequently contacted one. At this time, people will consciously close the curtains without being reminded by the steward. This is because the train will turn off the lights at 10 p.m., which is also the time most people choose to have a rest. In order to avoid being disturbed, they ask to close the curtains. Although the train lights out, but after the platform, or will encounter some strong light irradiation, and in the process of moving the train occasionally will encounter some units that will emit strong light. These lights seriously affect the rest of passengers, so that’s why the curtains are closed at night.

Everyone is familiar with it in the evening, but some trains also ask to close the curtains at noon. In fact, the reason at noon is almost the same as that at night. It is for the convenience of passengers to have a rest. After all, most passengers have the habit of taking a nap. That’s why some trains ask for curtains at noon.


You can understand the reasons for the above two, but the following one is more special. It has no fixed time requirement. It is the time to “cross the tunnel”. The reason, of course, is to protect people’s eyes. If the tunnel is too long, people will be in the dark for a long time, and their eyes have gradually adapted to the dark environment. When the train comes out of the tunnel, the glare of sunlight will suddenly appear, which will cause great damage to the eyes. It’s just like in a mine accident, people who are injured will be blindfolded when they are rescued. That’s why the steward asked us to draw the curtains when we passed the “special section”.


With the development of our country, all kinds of services on the train are more and more intimate, so that every passenger can arrive at the destination safely and comfortably. Wish the motherland better and better!

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