Why do we dream? Scientists put forward three conjectures, which one do you agree with?

Human beings are intelligent life and the overlord of the earth. Although in the billions of years since the birth of life on earth, dominant creatures have appeared in different periods, such as the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, human beings are different from those earth overlords in history. We are intelligent life and dominate the world by relying on developed intelligent brains.

The human brain is the most complex and mysterious organ in the human body. So far, our understanding of the brain is only superficial. Under the action of the brain, there are some mysterious and hard to explain phenomena, such as dreams.

I believe everyone has the experience of dreaming. In dreams, we will experience all kinds of magical things. Some dreams are vague, and we will soon forget them when we wake up. And some dreams are very real, even when they wake up, they are worried about new memories. Even some people can’t distinguish reality and dreams after waking up because their dreams are too real, resulting in some mental diseases.


What’s the matter with dreams? Since ancient times, many people have been studying and exploring dreams. In ancient times, when there was no science, the ancients’ cognition of dreams was more mysterious. The ancients believed that everything in dreams could be real, and it could predict some things that would happen in the future for us. So there is a dream interpretation book like “Duke Zhou’s dream interpretation”.

In the modern era of advanced science and technology, we still have no definite research answer to dreams. Different scientists have different cognition of dreams, and many people still have a lot of expectations for dreams. There is often “Duke Zhou’s dream interpretation” to explain what they dream about. So what’s the matter with dreaming? In this regard, scientists put forward three conjectures.

1、 Brain memory fragments, dreams originated in the brain, so some scientists believe that dreams are actually normal physiological reactions of human beings, is an exciting activity of the cerebral cortex. We all know that dreams happen in the state of sleep. When we enter deep sleep, most of the brain cells are resting, and only a small part of the brain cells are still active.

The activity of these brain cells can not be reflected in the real world, because we are in deep sleep, so it is reflected in the cerebral cortex, creating a kind of fantasy. This kind of behavior is actually that the brain is processing some memory fragments preserved in our brain. In the process of processing and sorting out these memory fragments, some special effects may occur, and then they are accepted by our tactile and visual organs, thus producing dreams.


Dream is equivalent to the virtual memory world in the brain. If the virtual reality technology of human beings is realized in the future, we can take a small device to enter a virtual world after computer design, where we will see a very real world. The experience in the virtual world is similar to our dreams.

However, our dream is a virtual world edited by our brain through memory fragments and presented to us in the form of dreams, while the virtual world designed by human beings is carried out by our own computer programming. Thus it can be seen that the brain is actually equivalent to a super intelligent powerful computer. The virtual reality technology that human beings have been actively exploring and researching has already been realized.

2、 Many people have heard of the theory of virtual universe. Some scientists guess that the universe we live in is a virtual universe designed by advanced civilization. Maybe many people think, how is this possible? The universe we live in is clearly a real universe. How can it be a virtual universe?


Some scientists put forward such a theoretical conjecture, not without a certain theoretical basis, and the cognition of this virtual universe has been supported by many people. Even with the continuous progress of human science and technology, more and more scientists are constantly recognizing this conjecture.

If the universe we live in is an electronic program, then the human dream is worth our careful consideration. Is the world experienced in the dream really just virtual? Will the dream world be the real universe? We all know that computer programs often have loopholes, there is no perfect program.

If the universe we live in is a virtual program, then everything in the human world is just some program code. In normal time, there is no loophole in this program. We can only live in a virtual universe. But when we are sleeping, there will be some loopholes in the program, which can let us access to the real world outside the virtual universe, and the bridge of this loophole may be the dream.

Of course, the above conjectures about the virtual universe, scientists have not found absolute real evidence, it is still a conjecture. For human beings, we don’t want the world we live in to be virtual. Human beings are just program code. If so, it will be a huge impact on human beings.


3、 The dream world is a parallel universe. I believe everyone has heard of the parallel universe theory. In the 1950s, some physicists discovered four known interactions when observing quantum. Since all matter in the universe is made up of quantum, these scientists speculate that since each quantum produces different interaction forces, the universe may also be composed of many different interaction forces rather than just one interaction force.

The concept of parallel universe is not proposed because of the time travel paradox. It comes from quantum mechanics, because there is an uncertainty in quantum mechanics, that is, quantum uncertainty. The concept of parallel universe benefits from the scientific discovery of modern quantum mechanics.

Scientists speculate that outside the universe, there may be many universes that are similar but not exactly the same as ours. Each parallel universe has its own destiny, but these countless universes have different fates. In this parallel universe, you may just be an ordinary office worker, busy for work every day, no car, no house, no girlfriend.


But in another parallel universe, you may be a rich second generation, with plenty of money and not far to spend. You live in a luxury house, drive a famous car, surrounded by beautiful women, and live a paradise like life. After the parallel universe theory was put forward, it has impacted countless people’s cognition. Many people think that such a thing is impossible. However, in the scientific community, the parallel universe has become a generally accepted theory, especially with the rapid development of quantum mechanics, more and more signs show that the parallel universe may really exist, but we do not know how to dock with the parallel world.

In the process of studying the connection of parallel universes, scientists put forward a bold conjecture, that is, human dreams may be the bridge connecting parallel universes. Some people think that the human dream may be the real world, but not the real world we live in, but another parallel world. When human beings dream, their consciousness goes through time and space and enters into a parallel world, where they have an experience.

Of course, it’s only a guess that dreams are the bridge connecting parallel universes at present. What’s the real situation still needs scientists’ continuous research and exploration. The brain is the most complex organ of the human body, and the brain consciousness and dreams are the most mysterious things in the brain. We can’t explain dreams with a completely positive conclusion.

Only through continuous exploration and research, when we really understand what consciousness is and really uncover the mystery of the brain, maybe we can finally uncover the mystery of dreams. Maybe at that time, the real conclusions drawn by scientists would overturn many people’s cognition.


Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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