Why do we have dreams? Scientists speculate that it may be an accident into high-dimensional space-time

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Human beings are the only intelligent creatures on the earth and the only intelligent life known in cosmic observation. The main reason why human beings are so different from other animals and have intelligent life is that we have an intelligent brain.


The human brain is an extremely complex and mysterious organ. In addition to the various cell substances that make up the brain, the most mysterious part of the brain should be consciousness. Why does the brain produce consciousness? It’s still a complex mystery, and it’s probably the biggest secret in the brain.

Although today’s human technology is very developed, and we have a lot of knowledge about the nature of many things, we know little about our brain. In particular, the invisible consciousness is even more mysterious. In fact, in addition to the mysterious consciousness, the human brain also has a very mysterious phenomenon, that is, dreams.

I believe everyone has the experience of dreaming. We will experience events in our dreams. Some events are related to reality and you. But some events are completely different. Some people say that dreams are reflections of the day, dreams of the night, and projections of fragments of real memory. But some dreams have nothing to do with your experience in reality, so why do people dream? What is the experience in the dream mirror?


As for the exploration and research of dreams, as early as in ancient times, such as “Zhuangzhou dream interpretation” in ancient China is a special example to explain all kinds of dreams. Nowadays, many people still use Zhuangzhou’s interpretation of dreams to analyze their dreams at night. Of course, the ancients’ interpretation of dreams is more metaphysical than scientific.

In the age of science and technology, scientists have also launched a lot of research and Exploration on the eternal mystery of dreams. Although scientists have done a lot of research, there are still no definite answers to dreams, and some are just speculations. Different people have different guesses about dreams. For example, neuroscientists believe that dreams are just an activity of the brain nerves after they fall asleep. Brain waves reorganize some pieces of consciousness during the day, forming some illogical dreams in the brain.


The above explanation can explain part of dreams, but some dreams are far beyond our cognition. If dreams are the combination of brain fragments of people’s consciousness during the day, then the events in dreams must have been experienced by this person. But in fact, through a lot of research, scientists have found that many dreams have nothing to do with this person’s experience in reality.

So some scientists put forward another conjecture about dreams, that is, dreams may be that human consciousness accidentally enters the high-dimensional space-time. Scientists began to explore and study space-time a hundred years ago. When human beings walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe, exploring the mystery of space-time became a major task for the scientific community.

There are many special mysterious celestial bodies in the universe, such as the black hole which has been proved now. What’s the situation inside it? I don’t know at the moment. In addition to black holes, there may be white holes and wormholes in the universe. White holes are just the opposite of black holes, one devouring matter and the other ejecting matter. Wormhole is the space-time channel that scientists guess, through which we can realize the rapid shuttle between the stars. Of course, the white hole and wormhole can not be confirmed at present, they are just the conjectured things.


In addition to the above three mysterious channels, scientists also speculate that there may be more mysterious dimensional holes in the universe. The so-called dimensional hole is the channel connecting different dimensional spaces. I believe many friends know that scientists put forward the multi-dimensional cosmology a long time ago and speculated that the universe may be composed of multi-dimensional space. The space in which human beings live is three-dimensional space-time, and there are four-dimensional space-time and five-dimensional space-time above three-dimensional space-time.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, dimensionalism has been recognized by more and more scientists. If multi-dimensional space is real, then how can we go from three-dimensional space to higher dimensional space? Scientists speculate that the eternal mystery of dreams, dimensional space is more mysterious and complex. Wormholes can allow spaceships and other objects with mass to pass through. If dimensional space wants to shuttle, objects with mass may not be able to do so, but only some mysterious things without mass, such as consciousness.


Consciousness has always been one of the biggest mysteries in science. No one knows what consciousness is? But it is a real thing, in the human brain. Scientists believe that there may be a channel between different dimensions, which scientists call dimensional hole. And dreams are probably related to vidong.

It is possible that under certain special circumstances, human consciousness may enter into the high-dimensional space through the dimensional hole, and thus experience a period of time in the high-dimensional space. When our consciousness returns and wakes up, we will think that it is a dream. Experience things in high-dimensional space may have some connection with reality, or they may not have any relationship at all, so we will feel that some dreams are very familiar, while some dream things are very strange.

Some people may think, how can dreams be connected with high dimensional space? Before the emergence of quantum mechanics, scientists also think so. However, after entering the 21st century, the research and exploration of quantum mechanics has entered a new stage, and scientists have found many phenomena that subvert our cognition in quantum mechanics. For example, quantum entanglement is a special phenomenon that describes the connection between two particles across space and time.


One of the particles is in the earth and the other is in the black hole. The two particles live in completely different spaces. If it is the past cognition, two objects will lose contact completely in this case. Can the object entering the black hole still contact the outside world? It’s impossible to think about it. But in quantum entanglement, the particles in the black hole can have contact with the particles of the earth. We can see the scene in the black hole through the particles of the earth.

The mystery and power of quantum entanglement are beyond our imagination. It seems that there is no space or matter that can block the love between two particles. Therefore, scientists speculate that human consciousness may establish a connection with high-dimensional space in real time and space through the principle of quantum entanglement.


Of course, this is still in the stage of scientists’ conjecture. It is still unknown whether dreams are related to high-dimensional space. It also needs scientists’ continuous exploration and research. If one day, scientists find relevant evidence to confirm that the experience in dreams is indeed the experience of other dimensions, then human beings will also usher in a qualitative leap. Maybe we can enter the high-dimensional space through the means of science and technology. We are looking forward to that day.

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