Why do we have some wild dreams when we sleep? Maybe it’s about consciousness

It’s 24 hours a day. On average, half of everyone’s time is spent in sleep. Rest sleep is a normal physiological activity of the human body, through sleep the human body can get better rest, and a lot of physiological development needs to be carried out in sleep. So a person who has enough sleep and a good mood during the day is also very good, and the body will be more healthy.

When we sleep and rest, we can’t help dreaming. Everyone believes that they have the experience of dreaming, and many people dream almost every night. And dreaming is also a very normal physiological activity of the human body. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, and many people also enjoy the experience in dreams.

Although dreams are mostly related to our daily life, work and memory, many people also find that sometimes we have dreams in the sky, which have nothing to do with our real experience. There are even some Tianma starry sky dreams that are very scary and often wake us up.


So some people have such a question: why do we have some dreams when we sleep? In fact, to solve this mystery, we need to have a preliminary understanding of the relationship between sleep and dreams. From a scientific point of view, dreaming is actually an activity of the cerebral cortex.

When we fall asleep, the brain is not completely asleep, it is still active. It is the brain that is still active when we sleep, so we have dreams, which are often related to our daily memory. Generally speaking, it’s hard for your dreams at night to escape from your usual experience. Some people may say that I had a wild dream, which has nothing to do with my daily experience. What’s the matter?

Sleep is closely related to dreams. You only dream when we are asleep. When did you dream when you were awake? It may be said that it’s a daydream. Daydream is just a beautiful imagination. In fact, when a person is awake, you can’t enter the dream. Human sleep is a complex process, which can be divided into four stages.

The first stage is the sleep preparation stage. When we feel sleepy, we need to rest and sleep. At this time, your consciousness begins to blur and enter the initial sleep state. Its duration is very short, only a few minutes. Through the instrument, we can see that your sense of smell and taste have become slow. This time indicates that you are initially asleep.


This stage of sleep is not really sleep, it is easy to wake up by the outside world. Although many people with insomnia can fall asleep, they are always trapped in the first stage. They are easily surprised by the sound of the outside world, so they will wake up many times a night, resulting in a bad mental state during the day.

The second stage is light sleep. When our consciousness is fuzzy and we enter the initial sleep, we will formally enter the sleep, which is also the second stage. This stage is not deep sleep, only light sleep. Through the instrument detection, we will find that the eye movement stops, the brain thinking slows down, and the body muscle tissue relaxes further. At the same time, the body temperature will decrease.

The breathing in the second stage is very regular. If your sleep can enter the second stage, congratulations. Your sleep quality is pretty good. It’s not easy to wake up by the wind and grass outside at this time.


The third stage is the deep sleep stage. After the first and second stages, the human body completely enters the deep sleep stage, which is the stage that only the people with very good sleep quality can enter. At this stage, there will be many incredible changes inside your body.

The fourth stage is deep sleep, deep sleep. In this stage, the body muscles relax, the eyes will not move, the breathing and heart rate will slow down, the basic metabolism will decrease, the brain thinking will slow down, and the blood flow to the brain will decrease. People in this period are not easy to wake up by the outside world. In real life, we often see some people who sleep very deeply and can’t wake up. In fact, this kind of people have very good sleep quality, because they have entered the fourth stage of sleep, and they can sleep until they wake up naturally under normal circumstances.

In real life, due to work pressure and staying up late frequently, many people are difficult to enter the third and fourth stage of sleep, that is, deep sleep. Many people sleep in the second stage. As long as there is no noise outside, they can basically sleep until dawn. But once there is noise outside at night, they are easy to wake up.

This stage of sleep is also called normal phase sleep. Since there is normal phase sleep, the answer is yes. So I say that human sleep is not as simple as we think, when we enter the normal phase of sleep about 90 minutes later, we will enter the phase of heterogeneous sleep. The duration of this period is not long, only about 20 minutes.


Although heterogeneous sleep is still in sleep, the performance of the human body is completely different from normal sleep. For example, the human body will breathe faster and irregularly, and the eyeballs will move rapidly in all directions. At this time, the heart rate increases, blood pressure rises and brain activity becomes active. This kind of state I believe many people understand that this is our physiological activity only when we are awake. Why does it also appear in deep sleep?

In fact, this time means that you are dreaming. Dreaming itself is a kind of activity in the cerebral cortex. We need to understand that all human behaviors are controlled by the brain. In fact, all kinds of activities and behaviors we carry out during the day when we are awake are under the command of the brain. Although the dream human body is in the sleep state, not in the activity, but the brain is in the activity command, only command is not your behavior and body movement, but the dream.

It can be seen that the state of heterophase sleep is the stage when the brain is active and you are dreaming. Generally speaking, we have to go through normal sleep and out of phase sleep at night, and they switch regularly. This is a cyclical switch. One cycle is about 90 minutes. We will experience 4-5 cycles in one night.


Some people may say that since we have to go through several cycles every night, why don’t I feel dreaming? In fact, in the stage of fantasy sleep, there are basically dreams, but some dreams are very short, and we forget them when we wake up. So is it only during the sleep phase that you dream?

Of course not. In fact, no matter when you are, you will dream, but the dreams are different in different periods. During normal phase sleep, your dreams conform to the logic of reality and have a lot to do with reality, so there are few mood swings. Generally, dreams in this period are beautiful dreams.

However, in the period of heterogeneous sleep, because of the intense brain activity, the situation is completely different, because at this time, the brain consciousness will combine all kinds of situations to form a wild dream. Dreams in this stage often have plots, backgrounds and large-scale scenes. It seems that they have passed through a different time and space.

The dream of this period, we can also imagine that the brain consciousness, through the memory of various experiences in your brain, makes up a story again and becomes a fantastic movie. Yes, the dream in the period of heteromorpheus is more like a complete movie with plot. So many people wake up from the dream, the dream of everything is still fresh, often temporarily difficult to distinguish between reality or dream.


It can be seen that the dreams in the sky in our sleep have not escaped from your memory. They are still related to your daily experience and memory. For example, you like to watch some sci-fi novels and movies in your daily life, and you often imagine some sci-fi things. When you enter into the sleep of out of phase, your brain may extract these memories, and then re edit them to form a sci-fi dream of out of time and space.

This kind of Tianma starry sky dream is also a huge wealth for human beings. Maybe in our ordinary people’s cognition, we just have an incredible dream, but if you are a scientific worker, some scientific research problems in your daily work can not be solved. Sometimes this problem will be in your dream, through a dream of the sky and stars and get inspiration and inspiration.

You know, the biggest mystery of mankind is our consciousness. At present, scientists still don’t understand what consciousness is? It’s just that we know that consciousness is very powerful and mysterious, and it can be infinitely possible. And consciousness in our sleep, through our memory editing, produce some incredible, Tianma starry sky dream, often will bring great progress of human incredible.


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