Why do we say that there must be an alien civilization in the universe? Human existence has already told us the answer

Hundreds of years ago, after continuous efforts and development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, human beings soon realized their flying dream, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

When we walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, people will think of the same question: does alien intelligent life exist? Perhaps in the period when mankind just stepped out of the earth, many people still have a little doubt about the existence of alien civilization. However, with the continuous development of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, more and more people continue to affirm the existence of alien civilization, including many cosmologists.

Hawking said that he is a famous cosmologist, and he has no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. In fact, most scientists have no doubt about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life, so human beings have just stepped out of the earth and started the extraterrestrial civilization search project. Although this project has not found any evidence of the existence of alien civilization up to now, people still believe that alien civilization exists.


It may be said that if anything wants to become a reality, it needs enough and valuable evidence. Now we have not found any valuable evidence for the existence of alien civilization. Why can we confirm the existence of alien civilization? So the probability of the existence of alien civilization in the universe is zero? In fact, human existence has already told us the answer.

To solve this mystery, we must first have a general understanding of the origin of life on earth and human beings. Many people may know that human beings originated from ancient apes millions of years ago, but if we push forward the time until the time when life on earth originated, then human beings actually evolved step by step from the original simple primitive life after billions of years.

So how did the most primitive life on earth come from? In this regard, scientists have not completely solved the mystery. On the issue of the origin of life on earth, scientists have put forward two hypotheses. One hypothesis is that the most primitive life on the earth was formed naturally by the inorganic matter on the earth under the specific conditions of the ocean hotbed.

Another hypothesis is that the primitive life of the earth came from the outer space, that is, the impact of comets and other small bodies on the earth. For these two views, the first is generally accepted by the scientific community, that is, the earliest primitive life of the earth was born from the inorganic matter of the earth itself. From this point of view, we can understand that life actually originated from inorganic matter.


You know, the early environment of the earth was also very bad. Later, with the liquid water resources and the thick atmosphere, the ecological environment of the earth was constantly formed, and the suitable environment for the birth of life came into being. At the beginning, the surface of the earth did not have the conditions for the birth of life. Only the hot springs in the deep ocean that contacted with geothermal heat were the hotbeds for the birth of life.

Modern scientists have been able to prove this through continuous observation and experiments. All things in the world are composed of basic material elements, so is the early primitive life. Under the suitable environment of hotbed, organic matter evolved and gave birth to primitive life. And the primitive life has gone through continuous evolution, and the life form is more and more complex. Finally, there are terrestrial organisms, mammals and human beings.

Is the birth form of earth life unique to the earth? I do not believe that any earth like planet similar to the earth is likely to give birth to its own life in a similar way. As long as life is born, it will have the attribute of evolution. As long as the planet’s environment does not suffer from devastating disasters, it is possible that it will eventually evolve into intelligent life and develop into intelligent civilization.


Of course, not all earth like planets can give birth to life, which requires a certain probability. Many things in this world and universe are a probability event. In fact, the birth of human beings on earth is a random probability, and the birth of life on earth is also a random probability event.

Of course, this probability is much lower than the 50% probability of tossing a coin, and the probability that earth like planets can give birth to life must be very low. Although this concept is very low, as long as it is not zero probability, then the existence of alien civilization is an inevitable event. Because the existence of human beings is actually the best evidence.

If human beings do not exist and life on earth does not exist, then the probability of the existence of alien civilization may be zero. However, the existence of the earth, the planet of life, and the existence of human beings have already told us that the probability of the existence of alien life is not zero, and the probability of the existence of alien civilization is not zero. There may be some friends who don’t know this very well. They think that when the probability is very low, it is no different from zero. For example, in terms of the probability of quantum mechanics, the probability of human passing through the wall is not zero, but our probability of success is basically zero, because the probability is too low.

So with such a small probability, will there be other living planets and other intelligent civilizations in the universe? The answer is yes. If you know how many earth like planets there are in the universe, you will know. Our solar system is just a small star system, with three earth like planets, and the solar system is only one of the 100 billion star systems with the Galactic coefficient.


There may be more than 1 billion earth like planets in the galaxy. If the probability is very low, there is no second intelligent civilization in the galaxy. Then we go out of the galaxy and look at the whole universe. At this time, there are so many earth like planets that we can’t count. From the perspective of the universe, we can count the number of large galaxies like the Milky way, which may be trillions.

In a galaxy like the Milky way, there are billions of earth like planets. Multiply this number by billions, what a huge number it is. But let’s not forget that the observable universe may be just the tip of the iceberg. So, when we talk about the universe now, we often use the observable universe to describe it.

The observable universe is just the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe. Besides the observable universe, there is a more vast world. We can’t understand how many galaxies and earth like planets there are. Therefore, from the perspective of the whole universe, even if the probability of the existence of alien civilization is as low as the probability of human passing through the wall, there will also be the existence of alien civilization.


Of course, the probability of the existence of living planets is much higher than the probability of human passing through the wall. We should know that there are too many earth like planets in the universe to be estimated, and the earth’s organic matter can form early primitive life in a specific environment, so other earth like planets will naturally have a great probability of forming primitive life.

Therefore, scientists predict that the existence of life in the universe may be a common phenomenon, even in the solar system, there may be a lot of extraterrestrial life. However, the probability that the planet of life wants to evolve into a civilized planet like the earth is very low. It takes billions of years for primitive life to evolve into intelligent life.

In such a long time, as long as the planet has a huge catastrophic destruction, it is possible to end the evolution of life. For example, the earth’s neighbor Mars, through a large number of observations, scientists believe that Mars was also a beautiful planet of life in its early days, which may have been born at the same time as the earth’s early life.

However, after a great disaster on Mars, life ended, and life on earth continued to evolve, and finally humans were born. It can be seen that there may be too many living planets in the universe, but not too many intelligent civilization planets. It seems that it is also a very difficult thing for human beings to find alien civilization, unless we have the ability of interstellar navigation and can quickly reach various galaxies for exploration.


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