Why do you feel sleepy when reading? Scientist: This is the brain protecting you silently!

Why do you feel sleepy when reading? Scientist: This is the brain protecting you silently!


With the increasing pressure of life, hair loss has become a common thing for contemporary young people, especially for programmers who stay up late. However, many young people are still facing another dilemma, namely insomnia. Before going to bed, I always think about the life experience during the day. Maybe it’s the annoyance at work or the contradiction between families. In the face of this phenomenon, netizens tease that sleeping is not easy. Just reading is the fastest way to sleep.


This kind of saying makes many people think instantly. A few years ago, on the night of school, the teacher spat on the platform and the stars were flying all over the sky, while we were lying on the table and drowsy. This is really the best way to hypnotize. Therefore, many people silently picked up a book at night.


Books have “mysterious power”?


Why do books have such magical power? Why do we feel sleepy when we study? In fact, it has something to do with the types of books, which are also books, but the hypnotic effect is different. When reading some novels, such as “soul fighting”, “notes on Tomb raiding”, “ghost blowing the lamp” and so on, we can stay up all night to finish reading a book. The reason for this is that these books bring great stimulation to our spirit and feel full of fun. If you open the textbook, you will fall asleep before you finish reading the first word and sentence. So many people think that the hypnotic effect of books is not their own problem, but the problem of books.


In response to this phenomenon, Stanford University School of psychology professor also gave an explanation, he had done such an experiment in 1974. He selected several participants and asked them to read 68 short sentences. He found that there were obvious differences between different people when reading the two kinds of short plays. The difference between the two was about 0.181 seconds. In this process, many people were looking for the differences between the two sentences and whether the logic was smooth.


When we read a book that is difficult to understand and remember, our brain runs at a high speed, and our brain’s working ability and storage capacity are also very limited. If it is beyond our scope, there will be brain crash, we will be at a loss, and the brain will be sleepy.


The brain protects our performance


In fact, sleepiness when reading is a way for the brain to protect us, because in the process of reading, the brain is in the stage of high-speed operation, and the energy consumed is about 20% of the total energy of the human body. Reading fully mobilizes the ability of the brain, which requires not only eyes but also constant thinking. It will make our brain very tired and produce feedback, so sleepiness when we are reading is a manifestation of brain protection. What do you think of this view?

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