Why do you feel tired when you are sitting at work? It turns out that the brain is so intelligent in dealing with fatigue

Do you have such a feeling that you are at work and have been sitting in the seat, but still feel very tired, you just fell asleep, but still very sleepy when you wake up. Now, according to your life experience, if you work in the computer for a day and go shopping for a day, you will feel very tired in both cases, but the feeling of fatigue is different. If you work in front of the computer for a whole day, you will be tired. When you get home, you really don’t want to do anything but lie flat. But if you go shopping for a whole day, you may still be in the mood to do something else, such as lying in bed, painting a play, reading a book for a while, eating a meal, and being happy and energetic after going to bed.

So it’s all tired. Why is there such a difference?

In the words of American sociologists, there is a concept called emotional labor, because the former needs brain, while the latter is only simple physical labor. For example, flight attendants need to pay emotional labor, funeral staff need to pay sad mood. Employees have to pay for the emotional labor of the irascible boss. In fact, emotional mobilization will make us consume a lot of energy and make us feel tired.

So sit to work, it seems that the body does not have too much consumption, but in fact your physical strength can recover, but the heart can not recover. So you can think about how long you haven’t had enough rest according to this standard. First of all, adequate rest is not only very beneficial to health, but also the most important thing is to allow us to have free time to do what we want to do.


It’s only 30 now, but I feel that my hair has fallen off, or I wake up in a daze no matter how long I sleep. In fact, for most adults, it’s a luxury to abandon their worries and relax enthusiastically. As a result of work pressure, insomnia or their life trivia these factors, have greatly reduced the speed of our psychological recovery. That’s why, even if you sleep better, you will often be in a state of physical strength, but psychological deficiency. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you still feel tired after rest.

If you want to have enough rest, the key is to recover your mental strength. Scientists are tired. It’s a feeling from the brain. It’s a dual feeling of body and spirit, not just a lack of physical strength. If you want the whole person to be radiant and energetic, you really need to learn some knowledge.

First of all, the root of this is still in the human brain, which only accounts for 2% of the body weight, but the energy consumed by the normal operation of the human brain accounts for 20% of the basic metabolism of the whole body.

Among these 20%, another 60-80% is called DMN. For example, when you are in a daze or empty, DMN is still consuming energy. So in a nutshell, DMN is when the brain is awake and nothing is considered, there are still active areas



But people are often different. Some people are born to know how to inhibit the activity of DNA. They are also in a daze when they sleep. They consume less energy than you, so they don’t look so tired. So if it is a normal person who consumes more, is there no way?

In fact, the brain is an organ, and its plasticity is very strong, so the acquired training is very effective. For example, the key and unimportant app lies in the car or gives itself a to do in advance It can reduce the energy consumption of the brain at rest, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fatigue. Therefore, it may be able to keep energetic all the time in this case.

So now many young people feel tired is actually a common disease, of course, he is not hypocritical.

So we should find a way to suit ourselves. After that, it’s no exaggeration to say that as long as the training method is proper, sleeping for 5 minutes to charge ourselves, or even fully charge ourselves, it’s no longer empty talk.


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