Why do you sometimes feel very familiar with a strange scene? It may be that there is a sense of vision

I believe many friends have had similar experiences: sometimes when we are in a strange street for a long time, we suddenly find that this street is so familiar. It seems that when we came here. But you know that this street is really your first visit.

When we are walking on the road, a little sister comes across. At this time, you are excited. It seems that I have seen this little sister before? But I just can’t remember where and when I saw it.

Sometimes when we travel and arrive at a new place, we will find that there seems to be a similar feeling here. It seems that when have we been here? But I clearly remember that it was my first time to come to this city and this place when I grew up.


I believe many of my friends have experienced the above feeling of “deja vu”. Even some of them will experience this feeling several times a year, which makes their spirit feel very tired. They always feel that there is something wrong with their spirit.

In fact, this sense of “deja vu” is not a mental problem. It has a very nice name in science, namely “visual sensation”. It is a physiological phenomenon, which can also be called hallucinating memory, also known as the hippocampus effect. Since visual perception is a real existence with scientific explanation, it doesn’t belong to supernatural events. It’s just that there have been similar scenes in the imagination of the brain. In other words, visual sense comes from the association of the brain, which associates with this picture.

This feeling happens from time to time, but it is often fleeting. When visual perception occurs, some people may feel as if they are going back in time, or guess that they have special functions, or think that they are controlled by mysterious forces? Perhaps a few people will think that they have acquired some magical ability and will usher in a brilliant life from then on.

But in fact, “sense of seeing” is not a rare thing. Scientists have found that about 60% – 80% of people have had sense of seeing. Among them, the frequency of sense of vision in adolescence is the highest, with an average of about 2.5 times a year. Some people may ask: why do teenagers have sense of vision more frequently? There is no unified answer to this question in the scientific community. Scientists have the following explanations.


One is that young people’s thoughts are relatively simple, and they don’t have the vicissitudes of life and experience of middle-aged and old people. Therefore, teenagers have a sense of freshness to all kinds of environment, and they are more sensitive to the environment, so they have a strong sense of vision. With the growth of age, the experience of the society and the world will be more and more, the adaptability to the environment will be stronger, and the sense of vision will not be so strong.

However, this explanation does not seem to be so perfect. It may not be accurate to say that the experience of teenagers must be worse than that of middle-aged and elderly people. If it is the villagers who live in the mountains, they may not have been out of the small mountain area in their whole life. When these people get old, their experience may not be as good as that of a junior high school student in the city. But these middle-aged and old people who have little experience are getting worse and worse.

The second explanation is that the old people’s daily life scenes are relatively fixed, and there are not so many new scenes to trigger both visual perception. This explanation seems not suitable for the old people in modern society. Nowadays, the life of the old people is much richer than that of the young people. Because the old people have retired, they have pension and more time to travel everywhere, and they see more fresh scenes than the young people. On the contrary, young people are under great pressure and lack of time and opportunities to contact new things. But even so, young people’s sense of vision is much better than old people’s.


In addition to the influence of age on the strength of sense of vision, the frequency of sense of vision is positively correlated with socio-economic status and education level. For example, some studies have found that the incidence of sense of seeing is about 10% – 20% in people with less than 9 years of education, while the incidence of sense of seeing is about 40% – 70% in people with more than 13 years of education. Thus, the higher the level of education, the longer the time, the more sensitive to the sense of vision.

More interestingly, people who travel a lot have a higher incidence of visual perception. It’s not hard to understand that compared with those who don’t travel, people who travel a lot have more opportunities to meet new environments that they may feel familiar with.

These are just the appearances of the sense of seeing, and the deep-seated reason for the sense of seeing lies in the human brain. The human brain itself is a very mysterious organ, the most mysterious part of human beings. And the brain is made up of hundreds of billions of neurons, so many neurons construct neural networks. The visual perception we experience may also be closely related to these neurons.

I believe that all my friends have had the experience of dreaming. Sometimes everything in the dream feels very real. When we are in a dream, we can’t feel it is a dream at all. We think it is a real scene. Only when we wake up, we know it is a dream. But at this time, we can still remember everything in the dream very clearly.


What is a dream? Scientists also have no definite answer. Although different scientists have different explanations for dreams, no scientist dares to draw a definite conclusion for dreams. They just have conjectures and can be described. It can be seen that dreams may be far more complex and abstruse than we think. They are definitely not as simple as the scenes simply made up by the brain.

A psychiatrist did a small survey and found that people who reported that they didn’t have a dream didn’t experience the sense of seeing, while people who had experienced the sense of seeing remembered their dreams. This means that there is a strong correlation between dream and sense of vision.

Some scientists once thought that what happened in the dream might not be virtual, but a real scene in a parallel world. I believe many friends have heard of parallel universe, parallel world. This is what scientists suspect, but no one dares to deny the existence of parallel world and parallel universe. With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more scientists support the existence of parallel world and parallel universe.


Although many people support the existence of parallel world, to prove its existence, we must have a way to really enter the parallel world. And scientists speculate that dreams may be a channel connecting parallel worlds. When we dream, human consciousness may travel through time and space to another parallel world, and then experience a plot. We think it’s just a dream, but some scientists think it may be a real thing.

Of course, the above descriptions of dreams are some of human’s current conjectures, and dreams are highly related to both visual sense and very mysterious things, although scientists explain that this is a brain Association and a physiological phenomenon. However, there is no definite answer to the truth, and it has been more than 100 years since the discovery and research of sense of sight.

Although more than 100 years have passed, there is no substantive breakthrough in the research of scientists, and there is still no unified answer. In 2015, a paper in the Journal of psychology and clinical psychiatry summarized 72 different interpretations of vibe, 50 of which were based on the premise of 1979, and 22 of which were put forward after that.

Although scientists have put forward 72 kinds of explanations for visual perception, which one is right is still unknown. Maybe none of them is right. There are too many secrets in the human brain. It may take more efforts and time for scientists to really uncover these secrets. It is possible that when humans really uncover the mystery of the brain, it is also the time for humans to really evolve to a higher level of life. We are looking forward to that day.


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