Why does a new queen appear when the queen dies? The answer may not come to your mind

The earth is a planet of life, in addition to the intelligent life of human beings, there are rich and colorful other creatures. Some of these creatures are independent, such as tigers, while others like to live in groups, such as lions.

In nature, there are many animals in the form of colony. However, if you want to ask which animals have the most strict group hierarchy, I believe many people will think of bees and ants. What we are going to discuss today is the small ant community. We don’t want to look at ants, but ants are very powerful in nature. They can carry objects several times their own bodies, which can be called natural divine power. In the animal world, only ants can do it.

Intelligent human beings can’t lift objects several times their own gravity, but ants can do it easily. Fortunately, although ants are small, otherwise the overlord of the animal world will not be lions, tigers, but ants. However, in ancient times, there was an era called the insect age. At that time, insects were extremely huge. Insects dominated the world. Now, just like little ants, they were probably as big as dogs in ancient times.


If ants are as big as dogs, lions and tigers will not be rivals. They are too powerful. Of course, now is the age of giant insects, insects are tiny, ants have become very small. But ants are a typical social group. There are three elements of sociality: cooperation among individuals of the same species to take care of larvae; clear division of labor; at least two generations overlap in the ant colony (not excluding individual cases), and the offspring can take care of the previous generation in a period of time.

The ant that has been a social group is unique in the animal kingdom, and the ant is definitely an expert in architecture. There are many chambers in the ant nest, and each chamber has its own use. The ant nest is firm, safe and comfortable, and the roads extend in all directions. There is also a circle of soil outside the nest, and there are some places to store food, which is ventilated, cool, warm in winter and cool in summer, so the food is not easy to be damaged.

In the ant colony, the division of labor is very clear, and everyone can take charge of their duties. The queen is the absolute ruler, who is responsible for ruling and managing the whole ant colony, and constantly generating new forces for the ant colony. Male ants play an auxiliary role in this process. As for the debris in the ant colony, workers are responsible for it. Of course, a community must have its own army, so soldiers are indispensable.

The queen in the ant colony is a wonderful existence. There is only one queen in an ant colony, and there won’t be two. When the queen dies, there must be a new leader to rule the colony. Such a strange phenomenon has aroused scientists’ concern. How does ant colony do it? Why do new queens appear soon after the queen dies? You may think that the Queen chose her successor before she died. This is not the case. Sometimes the queen dies suddenly because of an accident, and a new queen will appear soon. It’s amazing.


So why does this amazing thing happen? Through research and observation, scientists have finally revealed the mystery of the death of the queen and the emergence of a new queen. To understand this problem, we need to know the sex of ant colony. Animals are divided into male and female, and ants are no exception. The queen is known to be female. Male ants are those flying ants with wings. Their main function is to mate with the queen and die soon after mating.

Worker ants are the main backbone of the ant colony, with a large number. Their main responsibilities are to build and expand nests, collect food, feed larvae and queens, etc. Workers are also female in nature, but they have no reproductive capacity. It’s actually the females who have the potential to become queen ants. When the queen dies normally or accidentally, there are still a large number of fertilized eggs in the ant colony, and workers can use these fertilized eggs to breed females and males.

When the females and males mature, the workers will help them open the door to heaven, and then we will see flying ants with wings. The purpose of female ants flying in the sky is to gather more males around them. When they have enough pursuers, they will land and mate.


New queens will be born among the females bred by workers. In order to become queens, these females will also compete with each other. Finally, there will be a king. Workers will eventually swarm the youngest and strongest females back to their nests and support them as new queens. Some of the remaining queens will die in the fight, some will open up their own kingdom, and some will form new groups with a small number of followers.

After watching the composition of ant colony, I feel very magical and incredible. No wonder ants are small, but they are still powerful in the animal kingdom. We have heard that it is reasonable for ants to bite elephants. Ants depend on a large number, although they are small, they are not weak. If the oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere continues to rise again in the future, insects may continue to grow again, so ants may become the new overlord of the animal kingdom.

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