Why does a satellite lost for 12 years suddenly send a signal? There are several possibilities

Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. Once upon a time, the universe was a distant dream and an unreachable place for human beings. However, with the beginning of the industrial revolution, human beings have entered the era of scientific and technological development. It took only a few hundred years to complete the dream of walking out of the earth.

Human exploration of the universe is inseparable from satellites, which are the main tools to achieve communication. Without them, there would be no modern communication, and it is impossible to get in touch with the probes and spacecraft in the universe. The first man-made satellite was launched in 1957, which also marks the beginning of man’s official step out of the earth and his move into the universe.

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more satellites launched by human beings. Up to now, there are more than 6600 satellites launched by human beings, of which 3600 are still in space. Of course, so many satellites can not be used normally. The number of satellites that are still in use is about 1000. Most of them have become space garbage and lost their function Yes.


As we all know, satellites also have a life span. Once they stop working, they will basically become space garbage, and it is difficult to reuse them. But have you ever heard of a satellite that has stopped working for 17 years suddenly working again? I believe many people will think of some terrible things when they hear this situation. Friends who watch movies and novels may think of supernatural events.

Most people think that this kind of thing can’t happen. How can a satellite stop working for 17 years and suddenly start working again one day? Isn’t that nonsense. But this kind of thing that many people think is impossible actually happened. It happened on January 30, 2018.

On this day, an amateur astronomer suddenly caught a strange signal from outer space. The astronomer did not know what the signal was, but years of experience told him that it was not an ordinary signal, so he quickly reported the signal to NASA. NASA naturally attached great importance to this signal, and immediately used a series of ground radio telescopes to identify this strange signal. Finally, it was found that this signal came from an image satellite that had been lost for 17 years.

The lost satellite 17 years ago is working again? The discovery startled scientists, which is almost impossible. This image satellite is used to detect the earth’s magnetic field and aurora. It is the first satellite that can decorate the earth’s magnetosphere for imaging. It was launched in March 2000 and lost contact with ground staff in December 2005 after completing its mission. This satellite can work for five years, which has actually met the expectation of scientists. Its loss of contact may be due to its life expectancy, and it has become a member of space junk since then.


Now 12 years later, people have long forgotten this satellite, but what they didn’t expect is that it has sent signals to humans again. What’s the matter? Can the satellite recover automatically? I think it’s very mysterious and weird. The satellite, which was started by itself again, was attached great importance by scientists, and then some basic data were successfully read from the satellite. The data showed that most of the functions of the satellite were normal, and the main control system of the satellite was normal, and it could execute operation instructions.

Although the satellite returned to the service line for human beings 12 years after it lost contact, scientists are even more confused. This almost impossible thing has happened now. It is still a mystery what is the reason for its recovery. However, many people also put forward various possibilities. Some people think that the satellite may have stopped working 12 years ago because of a fault in the circuit. However, with the development of time, it has become more and more complicated As time goes by, it automatically connects again.

Is that possible? If there is real artificial intelligence on the satellite, this possibility still exists. But if there is no artificial intelligence on the satellite, it is impossible to automatically check and repair the fault. There are also friends with big brain holes who think that this is the result of extraterrestrial civilization?


If there is almost no possibility that the satellite will automatically repair the fault, there is only one possibility that it is man-made. Human beings have not sent astronauts to repair this satellite, so who else will repair this satellite? Many people naturally think of aliens. Although human beings have been searching for the existence of alien civilization since they explored the universe, more than half a century later, we still haven’t found the existence of aliens.

However, scientists do not deny the existence of alien civilization. Most scientists believe that the universe is vast and boundless, so that alien civilization must exist. The reason why human beings can’t find it is very likely that our science and technology are still very backward, and there are huge differences in science and technology. It’s actually very easy for alien civilizations not to let human beings find it.

The satellite was launched again 12 years after it lost contact. Some people think that it is the work of alien civilization, and it is not without certain reason. It is possible that the alien civilization came to the solar system and discovered the existence of the earth. However, the alien civilization did not want to contact with human beings and wanted to understand some basic conditions of human beings, so it focused on these satellites in outer space.

Instead of choosing the satellite that is still working, the aliens may have been discovered by human beings in an unexpected situation. Instead, they have targeted the satellite that has been working for many years, and this satellite called image has been selected. The aliens first repaired the satellite, and then put forward the data from the satellite database. In the end, they did not destroy the satellite again. So after the aliens left, the satellite began to work again and sent signals to the ground.


Of course, the above is only a bold guess. As for what happened to this satellite, we can only send astronauts to observe and inspect it from a short distance. Maybe we can send it back to the earth. If we check it carefully, we may find the real reason.

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