Why does a satellite that has been missing for 12 years suddenly send a signal to human beings? What happened?

Artificial satellite is one of the most important representative works of human science and technology civilization. Its appearance makes human communication continuously upgrade and makes people realize zero distance. We need the help of satellite in many aspects of our daily life. At the same time, artificial satellite is also an important tool for human to explore and study the universe.

The first satellite of mankind was built and launched by the former Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. In the following half century, the total number of satellites launched by various countries in the world has exceeded 6600. There are still 3600 satellites in space, most of which are no longer in operation, and only more than 1000 satellites are still in normal operation.

There are many kinds of satellites, such as weather reconnaissance satellites, communication satellites, spy reconnaissance satellites, broadcasting satellites, geodesic satellites, astronomical satellites, etc. their uses are different. These functions bring great convenience to people’s lives and promote the faster development of human civilization.


Generally speaking, once a satellite breaks down and loses contact in space after it is launched, it will not recover and become a space junk. On January 30 last year, an amateur astronomer captured a strange signal from the sky and then reported it to NASA. NASA engineers used a deep space network composed of a series of ground radio telescopes to identify the strange signal and found that the signal came from a lost satellite Image satellite has been linked for a long time.

Image satellite is a detection satellite used to detect the earth’s magnetic field and aurora. It is the first satellite that can image the earth’s magnetosphere. According to the structure of the earth’s magnetic field and magnetic bubbles, it can use various imaging techniques to produce invisible magnetic lines of force images. With these images, scientists can observe the dynamics of the magnetosphere and the interaction between plasma groups in unprecedented ways.

Image satellite was launched in March 2000. After completing its mission, it lost contact with the ground in December 2005. Scientists believe that this satellite has become space junk, and no one is paying attention to it. What I didn’t expect was that 12 years later, since it sent a signal to humans again, what happened?


It’s the first time that scientists have encountered such a strange thing. It’s amazing that a man-made satellite that has been lost for 12 years can send signals again. The staff then contacted the satellite and successfully read some basic data from the satellite. The data showed that most of the functions of the image satellite had returned to normal 12 years after it was lost. How could this be possible?

Scientists are very happy to return to this lost satellite 12 years ago. However, the unsolved mysteries on it have puzzled scientists. The satellite lost contact after completing its mission 12 years ago, indicating that the satellite must have had a serious failure at that time, otherwise it would not have been lost for 12 years.

It’s normal for a satellite to fail in space. The satellite has a long life and can’t be used all the time. Once it fails, it will say goodbye to us forever. There are so many lost satellites, but they have never been able to recover their functions again. This image satellite has recovered its functions.


Some researchers think that it is possible that the image satellite automatically disconnected from the ground 12 years ago due to a problem with the line. Later, with the passage of time, the line automatically connected again, so the communication was restored. But many people do not agree with this explanation. Satellite is just a machine, it does not have self repair function, if artificial intelligence is loaded into artificial satellite in the future, maybe this situation is still possible, but our satellite is just a mechanical machine now, it is impossible to self repair if it is broken.

Some people think that the image satellite can recover its function because it may have been awakened by the mysterious power from space. If so, what will this mysterious power be? Some UFO enthusiasts think of alien civilization. It is possible that alien civilizations came to the solar system and saw the earth as a living planet.

Alien civilizations may not want to expose themselves or have direct contact with human beings, but if they want to understand the situation of the earth and human beings, they think of the man-made satellites in earth orbit. Artificial satellite itself is the representative of human civilization, it records a lot of information about the earth and human beings.


When the alien civilization read the earth and human information through satellite, it found this image satellite. You should know that image satellite is a very advanced satellite, which records more information such as the earth’s magnetic field. The alien civilization naturally wants to know more about the earth through it, so the alien civilization repaired this satellite and read the above data.

Of course, all of the above are just people’s conjectures. It is still a mystery why image satellite can recover after 12 years of lost contact. Whether it is self-healing or with the help of foreign mysterious forces may require astronauts to go to this satellite for research and analysis. If it does not rely on self-healing, then the problem may be very interesting, and scientists may be too excited to sleep, which may be a major discovery.

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