Why does beauty net red eat seafood to be able to cause “cut bosom”? Once said frankly during the live broadcast that he had adjusted his appearance

Seafood is a favorite food for most people, and also a kind of food with high consumption. Although eating seafood often causes allergies, which is also a part of the reason for not eating seafood, have you ever heard of eating seafood leading to “breast cutting”?


Lin Yun, a Malaysian wanghong, is famous in Malaysia. She is also a nightclub DJ with numerous fans. Wanghong is very beautiful, and Lin Yun is no exception. But wanghong can have plastic surgery more or less, but most people don’t say it. But Lin Yun doesn’t like it. She not only tells everyone that she has plastic surgery, but also shares her plastic surgery process with her fans. Lin Yun has always been proud of himself after plastic surgery. It’s not surprising that there will be a large number of fans like Lin Yun.

But recently a sad thing happened to Lin Yun. Lin Yun went to eat seafood, but he was allergic to seafood, causing lymphadenopathy and inflammation. But because he was at work, Lin Yun had been stiff all the time and didn’t see a doctor in time. Only when I came back to Malaysia did I know that due to inflammation, I had too many white blood cells, and my axillary lymph glands were swollen and purulent. Finally, it spreads to the chest, resulting in poor breathing and inability to move.


Later, Lin Yun went to the hospital for treatment, but the doctor said that he would have to observe for a week. Finally, Lin Yun flew to Taiwan and cooperated with the doctor to remove the pus and blood clots in his body. However, during the removal process, the doctor found that Lin Yun’s prosthetic chest was also infected, and he had no way to remove Lin Yun’s chest. But fortunately, Lin Yun is no longer a problem. It can also be said that he gave up his chest to save his life.


It seems that this is also a reminder to all of us that if you are allergic to seafood, do not touch the high-voltage line, especially when you have adverse reactions, you must go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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