Why does China launch the Mars exploration program in the disaster prone 2020? Scientist: the best time

At noon on Thursday, July 23, 2020, China Aerospace successfully launched the “tianwen-1” Mars probe in Wenchang, Hainan, also known as the “Tianwen project”. What is the significance of China’s Mars exploration mission? Why choose 2020, which is full of disasters?


What is the significance of China’s Mars exploration program?

China’s first Mars exploration mission successfully launched the tianwen-1 Mars probe in Wenchang, Hainan Province at noon on July 23. According to official information, it will enter Mars orbit in February 2021 after being lifted off by the Long March 5 yao-4 rocket.


Some people may ask why the Mars exploration program should not be launched until the epidemic situation and flood situation are so serious this year? In fact, this is related to the window period of Mars, which is once every two years. Every two years, there will be a small climax of Mars Exploration on earth, just as the so-called time does not wait for me.


Because of the position relationship between Mars and the earth, every 26 months Mars will have a chance to be closest to the earth, which is the best time to launch what we call Mars probe. The window period usually lasts about one month, and the Mars probe will be launched at this time node, so as to save a lot of fuel and greatly shorten the arrival time.

If you miss this window period, you can only wait for two years. If you miss this window period, aviation will spend a lot of money on maintenance and repair of Mars probe in these two years. Because the requirements of aviation equipment are relatively strict, if there is a little mistake, it will lead to the failure of the launch plan and cause unnecessary losses, so the launch of “tianwen-1” on July 23 this year is a decision with the least loss.


For any country, the development of space industry is not only the embodiment of a country’s comprehensive national strength, but also the achievement of a country’s space industry. Mars exploration is for scientific research, but also for future Mars immigrants. Through the implementation of this exploration project, it has formed a strong role in promoting the development of modern science and technology, and laid a solid foundation for China’s future interstellar navigation.


Expected to reach Mars in February 2021

Public information shows that July to August 15, 2020 is the “window period” of Mars exploration activities. In addition to “tianwen-1”, many Mars probes, such as “willpower” of the United States and “Hope” of the United Arab Emirates, will also “compete” to Mars.


According to @ our official space microblog, China’s “tianwen-1” is composed of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, with a total weight of about 5 tons, a mass of 3.175 tons and a weight of 240 kg.


During this Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1 will carry out Mars circling and landing cruises, carry out global comprehensive circling cruises on Mars, and conduct regional cruises on the surface of Mars, so as to explore the Martian soil environment, the distribution of atmosphere and water, and search for Martian life. Orbiters around Mars exploration will also complete the relay communication mission between the lander and the earth.

The origin of the name “tianwen-1”


The code comes from Qu Yuan’s long poem Tian Wen, which reflects the Chinese nation’s persistent pursuit of truth and the cultural heritage of the exploration of nature and the universe.

Bao Weimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and technology group, once said that China’s first Mars exploration mission can be called “curve overtaking”. If we can complete the three steps of “round and down Tour” at one time, this leapfrog exploration plan will become the first in the world, further shortening the technical cooperation between China and the United States, Russia and other countries in deep space exploration The gap between the two sides.

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