Why does curse sometimes work? Does curse exist? Look at the explanation of scientists!

Is the ancient curse real? Or with the magnetic field, psychologists give an explanation!


We often see some movies in which someone will plant a curse on others. The power of curse is very magical. People think that curse is usually a kind of prophecy or wish to make others unhappy. It’s like a kind of superpower, which is often connected with magic and witchcraft.


Maybe all along, people believe that curse is really effective, otherwise this way will not be believed by human beings from ancient times to the present. But with the development of modern science, people gradually realize that this is a kind of ignorance and superstition. So why do curses sometimes work?


Do you know that there is a psychological theory called family intergenerational transmission theory? And the person who put forward this theory is called Murray Bowen. Murray Bowen believes that the emotional process of every family can be inherited to the next generation. Although it seems that this statement may be more warm, but if we carefully consider the logic behind it, there is still a certain scientific truth. People’s emotions will affect the body’s hormone secretion, and a series of physiological reactions, and these physiological reactions will further affect the composition of the body’s molecular ions and atoms, and then change the body’s genes. Genes may be passed on to offspring.


Pregnant women’s emotions can affect their babies. This is because when there is no emotional fluctuation, the body will produce corresponding points, and these hormones will also affect the fetus in the abdomen, and the fetus’s genes will also have corresponding changes, and it is possible for the fetus to pass on these genes to the next generation when it grows up. After the 9 / 11 incident, some experts studied the emotional pregnant women who had experienced the incident and gave birth to children. Today, I found that their genes were different from 16 pairs of normal children. The specific performance is that the level of cortisol in children’s body is lower, that is to say, when these children face the same pain as ordinary children, their pain and blow will be greater.


Experts have carried out relevant experiments on mice, and finally proved that negative emotions can indeed be passed on to the next generation, and the next generation will continue to pass on to the next generation. And the curse is almost the same as this phenomenon. The reason for the curse is the dissatisfaction with the object. Perhaps we all believe that sincerity is soul, and the essence of sincerity is to create a kind of resentment. This kind of negative emotion will also affect gene expression through a series of physiological reactions. And then affect the offspring.


Maybe everything in the world has a magnetic field, including our ideology and so on. When cursing a person, the magnetic field of consciousness is created. As long as the quantity changes, the curse may not succeed, but if the quality changes, the curse will have this possibility. But only if the magnetic field is strong enough. This is just a guessing idea, with no scientific basis. What do you think about curse?

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