Why does “Ding Ding” of human beings look like mushrooms? Is it unintentional or natural selection?

In fact, all things on earth can survive because they have evolved excellent genes in the cruel natural evolution. These genes can help all things in the world better adapt to nature, so that they can be passed on from generation to generation. Nature is the world of the jungle. Carnivores have evolved developed muscles and sharp claws, so they can get enough food in nature. Those herbivores have evolved more sensitive reaction ability and running speed, so as to avoid the killing of natural enemies. This is also the law of evolution in nature.


In other words, in the process of evolution, organisms will improve their competitiveness with the change of environment, so some physical characteristics will also change. These changes are also the result of natural selection. But animals are different from human beings. In animals, the evolution of some characteristics is not necessarily for survival, and some characteristics are actually caused by female selection. In order to attract the attention of females, males will also change according to their preferences. Male birds have beautiful feathers. Bright feathers are not a good thing for them to avoid natural enemies, but they can attract females, so they can reproduce, so they can evolve even in danger.


Human evolution


With the change of living standards and social concepts, men and women have higher requirements in mate selection. Social status and resources are the factors that women consider. Therefore, on the basis of women’s choice, men have also changed. Of course, there are still some preserved features in human body, which are not selected by nature and females. For example, human wisdom teeth and appendix are not very useful, but the pain is very deadly. Even if these features are not very useful, they will not affect human survival, so they will not disappear completely in a short time.


Just like the male reproductive organs we are going to talk about today, why are they so similar to mushrooms? In fact, the reason for wearing a hat is like wearing a crown organ on the top of the head. The reason why such features evolved is actually the result of natural selection. In fact, such features are also for the purpose of successfully breeding offspring and enhancing reproductive capacity. In other words, it is the female preference that leads to the evolution of organs.


Why does it look like a mushroom?


Of course, some people think that this statement is not comprehensive. The coronal ridge is useless, but it will not cause harm and impact on the human body, so this feature has been preserved, so it will hit the face unconsciously. In 2002, scientists published a conclusion that the coronal ridge on the organ is actually a functional feature, which means that the coronal ridge is not the result of female selection, nor is it useless. In fact, it can enhance the ability of breeding offspring to a certain extent, It can also greatly increase the probability of female pregnancy.


Although we are now monogamous, as early as in ancient times, our ancestors also experienced group marriage. At that time, the social system was still very chaotic, so such characteristics were very important for human breeding. After seeing the conclusions of scientists, we also know that although some human organs seem useless, they are all naturally evolved. The reason why the results can be preserved is that they must have their meaning of existence.


It is human beings that have made changes in the process of evolution. In ancient society, the ability of human reproduction can be strengthened, and we can give birth to wisdom in the cruel evolution. Therefore, in nature, the reproduction of all things is very cautious, and each feature has its significance. Of course, some people think that the selection of human females may lead to the disappearance of Ding Ding bone, which will have greater attraction to females. I don’t know what you think?

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