Why does Einstein call the Japanese noble but belittle the Chinese dull? It was because of this

Einstein is one of the great scientists in the world. He has made great contributions to various fields of science, and his theory of relativity is an unprecedented important theory. Einstein’s life is loved by many people. Both people and normal science lovers think that he is a born genius. Even all countries hope to get some ideas and knowledge from him. Many countries invite him to give lectures. Of course, China is no exception. But Einstein has a strong racial discrimination against Chinese people.


In 1922, Einstein received an invitation from Japan for academic discussion. Later, he decided to go abroad to give lectures in Japan, which is also his latest visit to China. At that time, Cai Yuanpei, President of Peking University of China, learned that he had been invited to give a lecture at Peking University. Later, he decided to pay for the lecture and get the corresponding reward. However, Einstein flatly refused. It was said that the reason was that the treatment was so different from that of Japan that he thought China did not pay enough attention to it. Later, I learned that Einstein enjoyed the treatment of head of state in Japan, and he was a little flattered by the Japanese people’s love for him. Therefore, he deeply felt the Japanese culture and enthusiasm. When Einstein returned from Japan, he passed through Shanghai. This was his first and last time to set foot on the land of China. But what he felt was the scene of warlords’ war in which the people were living in dire straits, and the normal life of the people who had no food to eat. Einstein thought that this was not a nation with culture and cultural heritage at all, which also made his impression of the Chinese people or the Chinese nation not objective enough.

After going back, Einstein wrote down his experiences, including what he saw and did after he came to China. “The Chinese people look very dull. The children are listless. They don’t even sit on the stool when they eat, but squat on the ground like they have finished their hands.” Einstein left these comments because he saw the Chinese people who had been reduced to workers and slaves at that time and had already lost their thoughts. From these people, he saw the reason why the Chinese people would be bullied by foreigners from the 18th century to the 19th century. He saw the poor life of the Chinese people and the chaotic life of the warlords. He saw that the atmosphere of national rejuvenation and prosperity had been extinguished. The nation was no longer proud of its own culture, but willing to become slaves of foreign nations.


Einstein himself is Jewish, he realized the harm of racial discrimination, he was also an advocate of racial movement, he had severely criticized the American apartheid system. Just like this, he knew that if the race was to be faced squarely by others, everyone in the nation needed to work hard to bring out the culture and heritage of his own nation.


China is a country and a civilization, and Einstein’s racial prejudice is not objective enough. We accept the correct criticism, but we will certainly reject the so-called discrimination and prejudice.

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