Why does Hawking not recommend frequent use of the “heavenly eye”? After seeing its disadvantages, do you still dare to use it?

Why does Hawking not recommend frequent use of the “heavenly eye”? After seeing its disadvantages, do you still dare to use it?


When one looks up at the river of stars, one can see a wonderful scene. The endless starry sky makes one daydream. It seems that there are innumerable secrets waiting for human to explore and stimulate human’s strong curiosity. This yearning feeling is limited and has no place to vent, so it can only compile innumerable myths and legends. For example, Chang’e rushes to the moon, cowherd and Weaver Girl and so on. They have inexplicable connections with outer space. When they see the distant starry sky, they can never touch it.


Since the improvement of science and technology, the emergence of telescope detector, mankind has finally entered a new era. Today, astronomical telescopes become more perfect. In order to meet the more complex needs of scientific research, scientists spend a lot of money to invent radio telescopes. The emergence of these telescopes not only speeds up the pace of human exploration of outer space, but also sends back some important information. So what’s the difference between an optical telescope and a radio telescope? Why does Hawking not recommend frequent use of the “heavenly eye”? After seeing its disadvantages, do you still dare to use it?


The difference between optical telescope and radio telescope


The most obvious difference between the two is that the electromagnetic wave length is different, and the purpose is also very different. If we just look at the position of celestial bodies, optical telescopes are more practical than radio telescopes because their lenses are very clear. If the observation target is far away, the radio telescope will be the best choice. So far, the world’s largest radio telescope is nothing more than the fast radio telescope. Its construction costs a lot of manpower and material resources. It can accurately receive radio signals in the universe and deepen human understanding of the universe.


In 2016, China’s Tianyan was built for the first time, making a great contribution to the aerospace industry. It is very difficult to build. At the beginning of its construction, it was criticized and even warned by scientists. In particular, Hawking, who is well-known to all, kept warning that the use of the heavenly eye may bring endless disasters to mankind before it was put into use.


What is the reason for Hawking’s warning?


A lot of people are thinking about why Hawking said this and whether he found some secret? So far, 114 pulsars have been found, which means that human beings have taken another big step in the universe. What worries Hawking is nothing more than pulsars, which will emit electromagnetic pulse signals. When you gaze at it, it looks at you.


The frequent use of the celestial eye by human beings may expose the earth’s coordinates and attract the arrival of alien civilization. When they find that the earth is a good star, they may launch an attack on human beings in order to compete for resources, then human beings will suffer a disaster. Hawking believes that there are a large number of alien civilizations in the universe, and human beings are not the only life cycle. Human beings should not actively contact them, but should avoid them. Quiet observation is not a loud call. If they are disturbed rashly, they will hurt themselves. Do you think there are other reasons besides this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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