Why does human hair grow all the time? Is there a secret we don’t know?

Most people’s body hair has disappeared. Why does he have thick long hair? It’s up to genes.

Relevant data show that the genes that inhibit hair growth changed 240000 years ago, and then with the formation and development of the community, under the influence of mate selection orientation, aesthetic and class factors, long hair was chosen.

Human hair has degenerated, but it has evolved to be very long and growing all the time. However, too long hair has no effect and will hinder people’s activities, which is not in line with the evolutionary view of adapting to the environment and survival.


But other animals don’t have this phenomenon. How can we explain that? If from the perspective of art and design, hair grows on the brain, then the reason why human beings become the spirit of all things lies in the advanced brain of human beings. The growing hair expresses the artistic image of human brain constantly producing consciousness inspiration, which is obviously through art design.

So who is the designer? The wisdom of designers is obviously much higher than that of human beings, which can be called super wisdom, that is, God. The reason why humans have less body hair is that their ancestors lived in the tropics. Like other mammals, humans have more body hair.

There is less wolf hair in tropical area, but more in frigid area. Humans are not an example. Hair changes are common in mammals, but humans can make clothes to enhance their adaptability in cold regions.

In the tropics, however, mammals usually have no hair. In addition, places with thick hair are not easy to be scratched by sharp tools. Why do you have to pluck the hair on your neck before killing a chicken? Because it’s hard to cut off its neck without pulling it out.


Scalp is the most abundant part of blood vessels on the surface of human body. This part of the bleeding volume is very large, it is difficult to stop. Most importantly, the primitive man had no antibiotics, and his head had a rich blood supply.

Although the wound repair is very fast, once the wound is infected by bacteria, it is easy to enter the blood to form sepsis, which is definitely fatal. Some say it’s the result of gender selection. People with hair are more attractive, but it doesn’t hold water, because it doesn’t explain unlimited growth.

The male lion also has a thick mane, showing male characteristics, but the mane is not unlimited proliferation, it has a fixed length. Apart from hair, human hair also has a fixed length, whether it’s eyebrows, eyelashes or hair, and these parts all have certain uses, only hair can’t find any practical use.


In fact, the answer may surprise everyone that this beautiful hair has nothing to do with natural selection. It doesn’t work at all. So why does it still exist?

In fact, one can ask, what is the reason for depriving it? One of the many misconceptions about evolution is that useful features will be preserved, while useless features will be eliminated.

There is some truth in this understanding, but it is not accurate. If this is a feature that has been eliminated, it will definitely have a negative impact. Maintaining this characteristic will reduce the survival competitiveness of organisms. However, if it is “useful” or “irrelevant”, it will not be eliminated.

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