Why does it cause an earthquake or tsunami every time it appears?

You may have heard of hairtail, but what Xiaobian wants to talk about today is the “ancestor” of hairtail, huanghairtail. It has a similar shape to hairtail, but it is much bigger than hairtail. It even has the name of Dragon Palace messenger and white Dragon King. What’s more amazing is that many fishermen have witnessed the prototype of sea monster (giant sea snake or Plesiosaurus) on the sea, which is probably this fish.


Huanghairtail is a kind of deep-sea fish that usually lives below 900 meters of the sea bottom. It is about 3-7.6 meters long and extremely fierce. In the sea area where they live, fish are almost rare. Therefore, huanghairtail has developed the nature of “see who eat who”, and sometimes they even won’t let go of their own kind. You may think that such a ferocious fish has a bloody mouth. In fact, it is not. Huanghairtail has a famous “cherry mouth”. Of course, this is the result of comparing with its own body.

It seems that what Xiaobian said above is nothing special, but what Xiaobian wants to say now, you can definitely “draw a key point”!


In 2011, a fisherman in Taiwan caught a 463cm long hairtail off the coast. Just a few days later, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4-5 occurred in Taiwan, and the center of the earthquake was off the coast of Hualien where the hairtail was caught.


In 2016, earthquakes occurred frequently in Taiwan, and not long after the earthquake, Taitung fishermen in Taiwan caught two hairtail fish in the sea area near the earthquake.

Just last year, before the earthquake in Luzon, the Philippines, two stranded hairtail fish were found by the sea, only two days after the earthquake.


Why is it so strange for Xiaobian to say that the appearance of huanghairtail is accompanied by an earthquake or tsunami? Xiaobian has said before that hairtail is a fierce deep-sea fish, and human scientists know little about it. Even in the past, people once treated it as a sea monster. All this is mainly because hairtail has been lurking in the deep sea for a long time and hardly appears. But why does it appear in the earthquake or tsunami?


Because the appearance of hairtail often causes earthquake or tsunami, people also call it “earthquake fish”. But is it really the cause of an earthquake or tsunami?

Earthquakes or tsunamis are all caused by geological changes, and many animals will sense them in advance when geological changes occur. Of course, hairtail is no exception, so it is very likely that it escaped from the deep sea to the shallow sea before geological changes and was discovered. But some people also said: why should we associate the huanghairtail with the earthquake? Maybe it’s just a coincidence. After all, hairtail is far away from the fault line, so they can’t sense the earthquake precursor. But Xiaobian wants to say that whatever the reason for the emergence of huanghairtail, science will give us a reasonable explanation in the end.

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