Why does Liaoning ship follow many sharks? Experts find the reason, but there is no way to solve it

We all know that the name of China’s first aircraft carrier is Liaoning. Do you know its predecessor? This is Varyag imported from abroad.

After years of hard work, this old aircraft carrier has finally become a brand new one. When the aircraft carrier served in the Navy, the Chinese people were very happy.


As a result, many people will pay close attention to the news about aircraft carriers. One of the things that bothers everyone is that when the Liaoning ship goes to sea, there will be a lot of sharks following. What happened?

In fact, it is not only applicable to Chinese aircraft carriers, but also applicable to aircraft carriers of other countries in the world. It is understood that when the U.S. aircraft carrier went to sea, the crew found a large number of marine life following, including fierce sharks.

In response to this wonderful phenomenon, experts conducted a survey. Although they have found the reason, they have not been able to solve it. The main reason sharks follow aircraft carriers is simple.


When aircraft carriers are in operation, the propellers behind them rotate at a high speed, which causes many marine organisms to be crushed by the propellers, and the bloody smell attracts the sharks who follow them.

Although sharks are naturally fierce, they also have a strong smell. Frankly speaking, they are for food, so they will not attack the aircraft carrier, so there will be no impact.


But have you ever thought about it? Although it does not affect aircraft carriers, it does harm innocent marine life. To this end, experts from different countries have been looking for solutions, but so far they have not succeeded.

This may not be acceptable to those who are keen on protecting life, but it must be remembered that our experts have not given up looking for solutions and believe that the problem of shark tail with aircraft carrier will be solved in the near future.

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