Why does memory disappear before the age of 3? Scientists find out why, so it is!

All the memories of human beings before the age of 3 have disappeared. Who has stolen them? Scientists give the answer!


Man is the most magical higher creature on the earth. The biggest difference between man and animals is that man is an independent individual with consciousness and wisdom, and has formed his own language. Animals are different, and the communication between animals is not even understood by man. Human beings have been on the earth for millions of years, whether long or short. After a long period of evolution, they have finally become the masters of the earth. Everything they get is hard won.


Everyone living on the earth should follow the laws of nature. Birth, aging, illness and death are the norm of human beings. I don’t know if you have found that once people get older, all the functions of the body will gradually fail. Until death, all this will stop, and we can’t get rid of the emergence of diseases. From the moment we fell to the ground, our life officially opened. All the memories of human beings before the age of 3 have disappeared. Who has stolen them? Scientists give the answer!


Many people don’t remember the memories of childhood very clearly, especially the experience before the age of three. When our parents tell us, we don’t have any impression. We don’t feel that we have experienced it personally. Many old people think that children’s thinking is relatively simple, and they can see things that adults can’t see. At that time, the memory can’t be preserved. Many people are confused. Why don’t children remember the memory before they are three years old?


After investigation, scientists found that during the growth of children, all body mechanisms are in a state of development, especially the brain. At that time, the skull was only in a closed state, and the brain capacity was relatively low. Many things were difficult to remember. When children were about three years old, it was difficult to remember some things or people clearly. With the growth of age, the brain gradually developed completely, and the brain capacity also increased It’s expanding.


It is reported that the brain capacity before the age of three is 1 / 4 of that of adults. It is difficult to bear such a high load, so the memory before the age of three is automatically cleared. After all, the brain can’t bear it. People have always thought that the memory before the age of three is totally unimportant and we can’t remember it. The old man thinks that maybe it’s about the eye of heaven. Children can see things that ordinary people can’t see. These things are not clean, so they can’t be preserved by memory. There is no scientific basis for these. Since the improvement of science and technology, more and more people believe that science is the only standard for testing truth. Only by presenting enough scientific evidence can they prove it. Blindly believing in superstition, the answer is unreliable.


When we grow up, many memories become clearer and clearer, especially when a person is especially good or bad to you. People have seven emotions and six desires, and there is always someone or something hidden in the memory. If people have no memory, they will have no value in the world. In fact, children’s memory before the age of three is not clear and understandable. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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