Why does my family put a coin in the fridge before they go out?

As an indispensable household appliance in modern people’s life, refrigerator is constantly bringing forth new styles, including single door, double door and three door, but now its performance is getting better and better. But no matter how well the refrigerator is made, it is also an electric product. What if the refrigerator suddenly turns off when we are not at home?


Some people may say that the refrigerator is cut off when the power is off, and it will automatically work again when the power is on. The truth is that, but what about the things in the refrigerator? The refrigerator is where we store our food. If we go out for a long time, what should we do if there is no electricity in the middle of the refrigerator? If it is short-term power failure or no problem, but the power failure for a long time, the food will rot. It’s possible that when we go home for a long time, we can see that the refrigerator is still working well, but do you know if the power is off in the middle? Do you know if the food is rotten?

In fact, there’s no need to be afraid. Today, I’m going to teach you a simple and convenient way to know if the refrigerator has been powered off for a long time when you are not at home.


First take a cup, pour in cold water, put it in the refrigerator and freeze for 24 hours. After taking it out, check to see if it is frozen. After freezing, put a coin on it and put it in the refrigerator.


Then, all you have to do is check the coin cup after a long trip. If the coin is still on the ice after you come back, it means that the refrigerator is not powered off during the time you go out. If the coin runs to the middle of the ice, it means that the power has been cut off for a period of time while you are away, and the ice has not melted completely, so the power is on. But if the coin reaches the bottom of the cup, it means the refrigerator has been out of power for a long time. Then you have to carefully check the food stored in the refrigerator, whether there is deterioration before eating.

How about it? Is the method very simple? Did you learn?


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