Why does Saturn have planets and earth doesn’t have rings? It was eaten by the moon

Planetary ring refers to the ring belt composed of materials rotating around the planet. When it comes to planetary ring, people can’t help thinking of the image of Saturn. Saturn is often considered to be the most beautiful planet in the solar system, because it has a large and colorful planetary ring.


Why does Saturn have rings?

The structure of Saturn’s rings is complex, and its attitude is myriad. Its rings are one by one, and all of them are made up of fine particles of different sizes. The size difference of the particles is also very obvious. The large particles can reach tens of meters, and the small ones can be only a few centimeters or even smaller. They are surrounded by a layer of ice shell, shining in the sunlight, which is very beautiful.


There is no exact explanation for the formation of Saturn’s planetary rings, but scientists speculate that the ring material may be debris from the collision of comets, asteroids and larger satellites.


In December 2010, the journal Nature explained Saturn’s planetary rings. It said that millions of years ago, a satellite like this collided with the atmosphere outside Saturn under the gravity of Saturn, but before the impact, it disintegrated under the strong gravity of Saturn (the distance reached the daroshi limit), part of the material of the star fell into Saturn, and the part of the outer ice was thrown out, It began to orbit Saturn and eventually formed beautiful rings.

In the solar system, not only Saturn has planetary rings, but also Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, but their rings are dim and less dazzling than Saturn.


Does the earth we live on have planetary rings?


The question is obvious. You can get the answer by looking at the image of the earth. But why doesn’t the earth have rings? Is it because planetary rings only appear on gaseous planets, and solid planets like earth can’t have them?

This is not the case. Solid galaxies can also have planetary rings. In the history of the earth, it is also considered that there were planetary rings.


Some scientists believe that the moon and the earth were not born at the same time, so in the early days of the earth, there was no moon around, but later, a planet as big as Mars collided with the earth. The earth and the planets that collided with each other lost part of their material. Under the action of the earth’s gravity, these materials began to move around the earth, and gradually formed the planet ring of the earth.


But because the distribution of the earth’s planetary ring material is very uneven, the material around the Earth presents a mass, and their mass is very large. Slowly, these materials form the earth’s moon. In the later time, the moon swallowed up all the remaining planetary rings around the earth, so the mass of the moon became larger and larger, and became what it is now.

So the moon is made up of the planet rings of the earth, and because the moon “eats” the planet rings of the earth, the earth will be “bare” and there will be no planet rings.


In the solar system, the mass ratio of general planets to satellites is more than 2000 times, but the ratio of the earth to the moon is different. The volume of the moon is 1 / 49 of the earth, and the mass of the moon is 1 / 81 of the earth. This ratio can also explain this statement very well.


But some scientists believe that the sun will release its energy outward, such as the solar wind. Because the earth is relatively close to the sun, so the solar wind will affect the earth, it can easily roll away any small particles trying to revolve around the earth, so the planet ring of the earth has been affected by the sun for many years.

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