Why does science end in theology? What do you think of this view

Some people say that Newton studied theology in his later years, and Einstein also believed in the existence of God. Many science lovers even linked theology with many unexplained supernatural phenomena or many incomprehensible deep science. Theology is the end of the universe, which has become a high sounding reason for many people. So do you really believe that the end of the universe is theology?


In fact, the statement that “Newton studied theology in his later years and Einstein believed in the existence of God” is wrong

Newton had always been (unorthodox) Christian, so his tutor applied for him to be exempted from the oath when he became Lucas Chair Professor. Yes, Newton believes. The credible posture is different. Moreover, the scientific work of this believer eventually led Newton’s followers, scientists, to bid farewell to Christianity in large numbers.


As for Einstein, the unorthodox Jew, did not believe in God (let alone the Christian God). As the saying goes, “when human beings think, God Laughs.” in fact, it should be, “when human beings think, God trembles.” since human beings began to ask questions about “God” (myth), philosophy and science were born, and the field of God has been shrinking,


In the end, the development of philosophy and science overturned theology. Among them, the devout believers Copernicus, Galileo and Newton made great contributions. Since people have used so many years of theory to overthrow theology and opened up a broader vision with science, why should they overthrow science and continue to take theology out again?

The media once said more than once that Einstein was a devout Christian. After seeing this news, Einstein made the following statement:


“The information you read about my religion is, of course, a lie, a systematically repeated lie. I don’t believe in the personified God, I never deny that, and it’s all expressed very clearly. If there is anything in my heart that can be called religion, it is the boundless admiration for the world structure that our science can reveal. “


In fact, on the topic of Theology at the end of science, the last thing to mention is that Einstein loves the old man, loves the old man, is addicted to science, and is obsessed with science. How can he study theology if there is no one else? Maybe there are a lot of unexplained supernatural phenomena, but Xiaobian still believes that no matter how crazy the world is, it is subject to science itself, but we have not reached that height.

Once a fan left a message saying: if you talk to people 500 years ago about aerospace, quantum and Internet communication, they would think you are crazy. When camera technology was first introduced into China, didn’t the Chinese think that cameras sucked away people’s souls?

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