Why does the airline not allow passengers to parachute in a plane crash? The original thought is too simple

With the rapid development of human science and technology and the development of transportation, distance is no longer a problem. No matter how far away the earth is, it doesn’t take long to get there by plane. And the plane is also the first choice for business people to travel. Its speed is incomparable with that of train and other transportation. However, in recent years, there are frequent accidents in planes, which makes people fly Many people would rather take the train for more time than take the plane.

So is the plane really unsafe? Of course not. First of all, we need to understand that airplanes are actually the safest means of transportation. There are so many flights all over the world every day, but there are few accidents. It can be said that the probability of accidents caused by airplanes is much lower than that of accidents caused by your cars, even lower than the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery.

Although many people know that the probability of an accident by plane is very small, there are still many people who are afraid to take the plane. They are mainly worried that once an accident occurs, there is basically no possibility of rescue at an altitude of 10000 meters. Basically, the plane is destroyed and people are killed. Unlike other means of transportation, it is driving on land and there is still time for rescue in case of an accident. So someone thought of such a problem, suggested that the airline should give each passenger a parachute, in case of an accident, you can parachute in time to escape.


But Airlines won’t do it. Maybe many people don’t understand. Why? Now let’s talk about the reason. Airlines don’t give parachutes to passengers, not for everyone’s safety, but for the safety of passengers. First of all, the psychological quality of passengers can not be compared with those who have received professional training. Once an aircraft accident happens, people will panic and their minds will be blank. In addition, there are too many passengers in the aircraft. If we really have parachutes, we all want to jump quickly, crowd and trample on each other, which is more likely to cause casualties. It may be just a small accident, which could have been solved safely As a result, people are not rational and confused, and in the end, there will be an irreparable accident.

In addition, parachute jumping is not an easy thing. It’s not like in the movie that parachute jumping from the plane can be achieved easily by opening the parachute. It’s just because of the casual parachute jumping in the movie that many people think parachute jumping is very easy. In fact, if you want to succeed in skydiving, you need professional training. If you don’t have professional training, you may jump off the plane and finally land in a box.

In addition, the pressure inside and outside the aircraft we are on is different. Once the cabin door is opened, the pressure inside the aircraft will drop rapidly. If you are not careful, people in the cabin will be sucked out. There is only one result, that is death. Moreover, even professionals dare not parachute at a height of 10000 meters. The temperature is very low at an altitude of 10000 meters. If there is no strong protection measures, you will soon lose consciousness when you get out of the cabin door. At this time, you can open the parachute consciously.

From the above analysis, we can see that it is normal for airlines not to provide passengers with parachutes. Even if they give you a parachute, you will not be able to successfully parachute from the plane in case of an accident.


However, with the development of science and technology, the safety performance of human aircraft will be strengthened in the future, and the accident rate of aircraft will be lower and lower. In addition, future aircraft can not only fly in the atmosphere, but also fly out of the earth and navigate in the universe. Someone once dreamed of designing a safe seat for an airliner. Each seat of this kind of airliner is an escape capsule. In case of an accident, the seat of the airliner can eject like the seat of a fighter. Moreover, this kind of escape capsule is intelligent. That is to say, it doesn’t need the passengers to operate by themselves. After ejecting, the parachute can be opened and other protective measures can be taken. Intelligent programs can help themselves Done.

In this way, once the plane is unable to land safely in case of an accident, the passengers can be ejected out through the escape capsule, and then land safely on the ground. In this way, people’s life safety will be more guaranteed. If the future airliner really wants to achieve this goal, people’s fear of the airliner will disappear completely. People are no longer afraid to take the plane in case of an accident, they can only wait quietly To die.

In fact, this kind of escape device will be often used in the future human exploration of the universe. Each spaceship will be equipped with a certain number of escape pods. In case of an accident in the spaceship, people can take the escape pods to escape in time, and then wait for rescue. Isn’t this kind of future life very beautiful? We are looking forward to that day.


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