Why does the earth’s environment not allow immortality? Scientists say it’s the key!

Why does the earth’s environment not allow immortality? Scientists say it’s the key!


Immortality has always been the goal of human beings, but the dream is a dream after all, the reality is cruel and bony. Everyone can’t escape the fate of death. Life, aging, illness and death are the normal state of human beings. No one can change such natural selection, and so can animals. Although many creatures have a long life span, they all have to experience life and death, so everyone should enjoy the happiness brought by survival.


All creatures on the earth are products made by genes, which determine the habits and characteristics of an organism. Every time we encounter danger, most people will first think of their own safety and leave the dangerous place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, genes do not require the existing organisms to achieve immortality, but choose another way to make themselves immortal, that is, breeding through mating. Genes can replicate indefinitely to achieve immortality. It can shape life, but who is driving genetic change? Why does the earth’s environment not allow immortality? Scientists say it’s the key!


There is no doubt that it is closely related to the natural environment. In the case of sufficient food and mild environment, organisms will reproduce in large numbers. Once the natural environment changes, organisms will also encounter unprecedented pressure. Genetically modified organisms with poor adaptability will be eliminated in the past. They have been maintaining the rule of natural selection and survival of the fittest. With the change of environment, the survival of the fittest will continue In fact, many organisms are forced to change their body functions in various environments. Only in this way can they survive healthily.


The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is a great pity. In addition to the lack of independent thinking consciousness and ability, dinosaurs occupied a great advantage in other fields, and finally went extinct due to the great changes in the environment. Until now, mankind has become the leader on the earth, but it does not mean that we can have what we want to pursue. The direction of gene development will not be deliberately changed according to human intentions. Only genes adapt to the environment, the environment can not change genes. If a substance can achieve immortality, it can reproduce indefinitely.


The earth is a planet with limited resources. With the increase of species, it is difficult to bear such energy consumption. As time goes on, the resources will gradually dry up, and the life on the earth will not be far from extinction. Not changing genes is to adapt to the environment, many species are unable to adapt to the environment because of the gene, and finally went extinct.


Everyone is unique in the world. Although they can’t achieve immortality, they can live their own value. The creatures in nature are extremely diverse. We should always keep a peaceful relationship with them. Only in this way can we maximize our value. The earth is the only home for human beings, and human beings should not excessively destroy and demand the resources on the earth, so as to control and not waste. What do you think of immortality? You can leave a message for interaction.

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