Why does the little-known “SCP foundation” take in many strange creatures? You’ll see after reading it

Human beings have always been under the protection of mysterious organizations. SCP foundation, an organization specializing in the reception of supernatural phenomena and abnormal individuals, mainly aims at: secure, contain and protect.


Every abnormality and individual accepted by SCP foundation has the number of scp-xxx, such as scp-001, scp-173 and so on. If some abnormal things are not found and accepted, it will cause great harm to human beings. The more famous scp-173 is a lovely big peanut on the surface, but actually a killing statue. If you stare at it, it’s like a statue that doesn’t move. When you don’t look at it, it can instantly move behind you and break your neck.

You can imagine what will happen if someone who doesn’t know about it encounters it. There is an old Chinese saying that “one thing comes down to one thing”. The creatures numbered scp-131-a and scp-131-b are harmless. They are also very suitable for dealing with scp-173. When a cleaner cleans 173’s room, these two little guys will be there, keeping watch on it and waiting for the cleaner to leave After that, they left.


Scp-999 is a sprout like existence. It’s like an orange slim, about 2 meters long and about 1 meter high. It can make people happy and optimistic. No matter how hard you’ve been hit before or how serious you’ve been hurt in your heart, as long as you contact 999, you can enjoy it quickly. Especially for patients with depression, you won’t be depressed after contact, and your heart will become more active Extremely upward.


Because 999 is relatively special, it was later arranged to tame scp-682682, a large lizard. It may have been born before the emergence of human beings. With long-term evolution, it can quickly adapt to the surrounding environment, and also has strong wisdom and regeneration ability.

The researchers think it doesn’t come from the earth, it may come from other time, other space. In one experiment, 682 was tamed by scp-053. 053 was a little girl. At the age of 3, she released her strange ability. If someone was around her for more than 10 minutes, her brain would not listen to her and began to become manic, trying to kill everyone around her.


If this person attacks 053, he will suddenly have a heart attack. 053 can not only make people manic, but also make people heal wounds. Unfortunately, she is only 3 years old and knows nothing about her ability.


When it comes to human beings, I have to mention scp-166. Scp-166 is a young girl, also known as the enchanted girl. Because she wears clothes for more than 45 minutes, her skin will fester, so she doesn’t wear clothes all the year round. If a man sees her, he will be infatuated with her. He wants to have something with her anyway! Even violence.

The researchers were surprised to find that 166 is an unknown and powerful biological descendant. Later, a letter was found through investigation. It was inferred from the letter that Dr. clef, one of the four Apocalypse doctors, was 166’s father.


So the question is, who is her mother? And where is Dr. clef now? These unsolved mysteries may be solved later.


See here, do you find the SCP foundation is very mysterious, are you afraid, what abnormal creatures are encountered by yourself, you don’t have to worry about these, because the SCP foundation and a series of scp-xxx are fictional, it is a platform created by a group of supernatural enthusiasts. On the SCP foundation website, all the contents are fictional, so you must treat them rationally!

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