Why does the memory before the age of 3 disappear somehow? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

In fact, humans are mammals. In terms of the way of breeding offspring, humans are similar to other mammals. Need a baby to be pregnant in the mother for a period of time, and then born for later development. Human beings are intelligent life. Nature is a very advanced mammal. We have intelligent brain, so there is a huge difference between human beings and other mammals.

The mother conceived for 10 months and then gave birth to a baby. Human babies don’t grow as fast as other mammals. You should know that babies of mammals such as horses, cows and sheep can learn to walk within a few days or a few months after birth. Human infant development period is relatively long, generally speaking, a child is in the infant stage before 3 years old.

At this stage, it’s really a baby and needs parents to take good care of it. Although the baby has learned to speak and walk before the age of 3, it can have the most basic knowledge of many things in the world. But we will find a phenomenon that makes people feel incredible, that is, when we grow up, we have almost no memory of before 3 years old.


Some people may say, it’s too young before 3 years old, who can remember things? In fact, this kind of cognition is wrong. Before the age of 3, human beings have the highest learning efficiency in their life, and have excellent memory. So many moms will find that their children’s memory is very good before they are 3 years old, and many things can be remembered by reading them once.

Since we have such a strong memory ability before 3 years old, why can’t we remember it when we grow up? Many friends can remember some things about going to kindergarten, basically after the age of 4. Like Xiaobian himself, he went to kindergarten at the age of 5. Even now he is 40, he still clearly remembers the first day when his parents took him to kindergarten. His mother stood outside the classroom and sat in front of the classroom with a little girl. The teacher gave us a lecture.

Even a lot of kindergarten things, as long as I sit down and recall carefully, I can think of a lot. Even so, I just can’t remember what happened before I was 3 years old. You know, my mother often said that I was smart before I was 3 years old, and I could recite 300 Tang poems. Later, when I grew up, I was also very confused about this problem, so I checked the relevant information and found that it was a very common phenomenon to lose the memory of things before the age of 3.


So how do scientists explain this phenomenon? Scientists also have different explanations for this problem. However, a common cognition in the scientific community is that human beings are all premature infants. That is to say, human brains are not fully developed when they are in the mother’s body, and they need to continue to develop after birth. Moreover, the time of maturity is just before the age of 3.

As we all know, many mammal babies can learn to walk within a few days or months after birth. The reason for this is that the brain of an animal’s baby is already mature when it is in the mother’s body, so it has a relatively mature brain after birth, which can quickly play the role of the brain and direct the body.

However, due to the wisdom of human life, the brain is relatively large. If a baby is allowed to mature its brain in the mother’s body, the female pelvis will not be able to accommodate it. It is easy to cause dystocia and lose her life. Therefore, in the long evolution of human beings, nature has chosen to let the brain development of human infants be completed in two steps. The first step is to complete part of the brain development in the mother. After birth, it will mature before the age of 3.


It is possible that the baby’s brain is still immature and developing before the age of 3, so it does not have the ability to store memory. We can think of the brain’s storage performance three years ago as a kind of cache. As we all know, computers and mobile phones all have caches, which are different from long-term storage capacity. Caches are only temporary storage and cannot enter long-term storage.

The brain before the age of 3 may not have the ability to store long-term memory. Although the ability of learning and memory is particularly strong, these memories are short-term memories. As we grow up, these cache memories will gradually disappear in the brain. So, when we grow up, we can recall some things after the first three years old, but the memory before the age of three is unable to recall.

Maybe someone will say, let alone before 3 years old, I don’t even remember a lot of things in primary school. In fact, this is also a common phenomenon. Human memory is constantly updated, the latest and profound. What we experience and use every day is often profound and hard to forget. With the growth of age, new memories are more and more, we will gradually forget some old memories.


It’s just that these memories of the past don’t disappear completely from our brain. They’re just stored deep in the memory, under certain triggering conditions

In this way, we can quickly recall these things. For example, many memories of primary school can’t be remembered when we are adults or old. However, when we open the group photo of primary school graduates or attend the primary school reunion, many memories will come back to us in an instant.

This is the method of things to wake up memory. Many psychologists can wake up a person’s inner memory through hypnosis. That’s the reason. These memories have not disappeared, they are still stored in the deep brain, but the memory before 3 years old is not so, no matter what way you take, it is unable to wake up this part of the memory, the reason is that these memories may really disappear from your brain.


In the field of modern medicine, the phenomenon of memory loss before the age of 3 is called the “inexperienced brain” theory. Scientists have been actively exploring this phenomenon. Is the memory before 3 years old completely disappeared from the brain, or is it stored too deep for us to wake up? To solve this mystery, we can only look forward to the research of scientists, hoping to solve this mystery one day.

Brain is the most complex and mysterious organ of human beings, and we know very little about it, especially for memory, consciousness and other aspects. When human beings have solved all the mysteries of the brain, maybe we can download our memory from the brain and save it to the computer just like we are now browsing computer data. In this way, we can continuously browse and watch the memory of each stage of our growth in the form of video, believing that it will be a special experience.

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