Why does the PI have been calculated to 10 trillion and continue? You don’t think of the answer

With the development of science and technology, there are many subjects, but on top of these subjects, there is a more important subject, which is mathematics. Mathematics is not a discipline that emerged in the age of science and technology. In fact, it appeared after human beings entered the age of civilization, and it can also be called the originator of all disciplines.

Whether it is physics, chemistry, economics, sociology and so on, we can’t do without the foundation of mathematics. Especially if we want to be a great physicist, we must learn mathematics very well. Einstein, a great physicist, once spent 10 years studying mathematics. It was with a strong mathematical foundation that Einstein made great achievements in physics.

Mathematics is actually composed of various formulas and numbers. All things in our world and countless mysteries of the universe can be explained by formulas and numbers. In the mathematical system, the number is a very important link. Some numbers are so magical that they can’t be cracked. One of them looks very common, but it’s the most difficult number for scientists to understand. It’s known as pi.


Some people may say that there is something complicated about PI. When we were in primary school, our teacher had already told us that it is a non centimeter, an infinite non cyclic decimal, and there is no law to speak of. But such a seemingly simple and ordinary number has become the greatest discovery in the history of mathematics.

There is no definite answer as to when the PI appeared. According to the relevant records in historical books, it has been at least several thousand years since its appearance. In ancient times, some mathematicians calculated it. At that time, mathematicians used the method of cutting circle to calculate. A circle was inscribed with a regular polygon, and it was always divided into infinitely close to the circle. Now, the calculation of π is mainly based on infinite series, which involves many different formulas for calculating PI.

After the appearance of PI, there was a frenzy of calculation. From ancient times to modern times, countless mathematicians devoted their lives to the calculation of PI. Although very hard, but relying on manual calculation, progress is very slow. Until the emergence of the computer, the calculation of PI also transferred to the computer.


With the continuous development of the computer, it has better and better performance, and the number of digits that can calculate the PI is also increasing. At present, human beings can calculate the 10 trillion digits after the decimal point of the PI by relying on the supercomputer. What a huge number it is. And this kind of calculation is still going on. Some people may ask: we all know that Pi is an infinite non cyclic decimal. Now it has been calculated to 10 trillion, what’s the significance of further calculation?

Many people may think that Pi is just a number that mathematicians want to calculate, but in fact it has made a great contribution to human science and technology. The more digits behind the decimal point of PI, the more helpful it will be to human science and technology. It has been applied in various fields of science now. Let’s pick a few key points.

The first important application is in the field of computer. Some people may say that Pi is also used in the field of computer? Why haven’t I seen it? In fact, the application of PI in the computer field is mainly used to test the performance of the computer. We may use various methods when testing the performance of some computers. We usually use some testing software when testing, but in fact, these testing methods can not really fully test the performance of computers, especially supercomputers.


Scientists use to detect which one of the two supercomputers is stronger. The detection method used is usually to calculate π by using PI. Using the same calculation formula, whoever has faster calculation speed and more digits of π will have better performance. Because Pi is an infinite non cyclic decimal. The computer can always calculate. If there is an error in the calculation process, it means that the software and hardware equipment of the computer is faulty or imperfect, and the system needs to be readjusted or configured.

The most classic case is that in 1986, the computer hardware bug of cr-ar2 model was detected by using PI calculation; when Intel released the Pentium series processor, it also used PI calculation to find the design bug. The computer has become an indispensable and important tool to promote the rapid development of human science and technology. It is with the help of the computer that scientists can process a large amount of data faster. For example, with the help of the computer, it took two years to process the data for the first black hole photo released this year. If there is no computer, this data processing work may not be completed in 20 years. But PI can promote the development of computer, and indirectly promote the development of human science and technology.

The second important application is the field of cryptography. I believe we are not unfamiliar with cryptography. The era of science and technology is also the era of information network. In order to keep the data secret, we need to encrypt many important data. However, no matter how complex your password settings are, there are always some experts who can crack them.


In cryptography, the use of digital encryption is the most common, but where does the encrypted number come from? If you look for numbers from existing special numbers or book page numbers, it is easy to be deciphered. The best way is to find a completely random number. If it is generated by computer, the number must not be completely random, because the program can be cracked. At this time, the circumference ratio will be used, and it can generate a truly complete random number.

If the password wants to be really complex and difficult to crack, only the truly complete random number can do it, and the only one who can really achieve this kind of complete random is pi. As long as the numbers behind PI are long enough and many enough, the password generated with their randomness can not be cracked theoretically. Even if it can be cracked, it will take a very long time. Therefore, some important data encryption is basically carried out with the random number of PI.

Of course, scientists have been calculating pi, and there is another expectation, that is, to see if it has a limit. Theoretically speaking, there can be no infinity in all things and rules in the world. Even if the singularity of the big bang, it is just the theory of infinite mass and infinitesimal volume.


Can this PI break this rule? Is it really infinite? Scientists also doubt this. Although they have doubts about it, there may be no way to use it with the current human science and technology, because it is still an infinite number under the existing scientific system. Of course, it is possible that in the future, science and technology will become more advanced, and it is possible to really uncover the mystery of PI.

If one day Pi is calculated out, it is no longer an infinite non cyclic decimal, what will happen? It is possible that many of the existing scientific systems will be replaced. Although many people do not want to see this kind of situation, if it does appear, it may also be a major change in human civilization and a time for science to take off in a new round.

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