Why does the satellite, which has been lost for 13 years, send back signals to the earth again? Have you been taken by aliens?

In order to explore the universe and find the trace of extraterrestrial life, we have started the way of exploring the universe since the 1960s. Human beings have launched a large number of satellites to monitor the environment in the universe. Of course, satellites have a long life span. When they die, they will become space junk. In 2018, a man-made satellite suddenly sent back a signal to the earth. This satellite has been gone for 13 years. What’s the matter?


Lost satellite


When scientists carried out research, they found that this satellite was the image satellite which was declared lost in 2005. In 2000, in order to study the earth’s magnetosphere, NASA put the satellite into polar orbit. At the beginning, the operation of the satellite was quite normal. However, after five years of work, the satellite suddenly disappeared mysteriously in the TT & C network. No matter how NASA searched for it, it had no ideal effect. This satellite seems to have suddenly disappeared into the universe. Originally, it was thought that this satellite had become a space junk. Unexpectedly, 13 years later, this satellite even sent back the signal again.


This signal was discovered by a radio enthusiast. Later, NASA scientists officially discovered that the source of this signal was the lost image satellite. After analyzing these signals, they found that the satellite not only sent back simple data, but also the scientific instruments working with him were still in active state. Therefore, many people think that it has been lost It’s impossible for the United satellite to send back signals for no reason. Maybe this satellite has been hijacked by aliens. Are aliens greeting the earth?


Why do satellites send back signals?


After receiving the signal, scientists tried to send back instructions to the satellite, but the satellite only received part of the instructions, and soon the satellite lost contact again, until now, there is no message. In fact, this is not the first time that this phenomenon has happened. In 1995, NASA launched a satellite to monitor the activities of the sun. Unexpectedly, in 1998, the communication of this satellite began to be interrupted. Three months later, scientists tried to contact this satellite. At present, this satellite is still working normally, and it may work until 2022.


Scientists believe that such a phenomenon is very common. Since human beings have not really seen aliens, we can not connect this phenomenon with aliens. If there are other intelligent life in the universe, why haven’t satellites monitored them?


Although this phenomenon is very common, scientists are also worried. With the improvement of science and technology, more and more satellites are launched. If these satellites can’t return to earth, they will become space garbage, which will be a great threat to human beings. Therefore, how to deal with these space garbage has become the focus of scientists’ consideration What’s your opinion?

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