Why does the state ban childbearing after women astronauts return to earth? The reason behind it is so tearful!

Why does the state ban childbearing after women astronauts return to earth? The reason behind it is so tearful!


There is no doubt that the development of science and technology can promote the progress of human society. Since the first industrial revolution, it has provided more ideas for human development. Seeing the emergence of all kinds of high-tech, human beings are also very happy. Now human beings are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology. Many distant dreams have been realized, and many industries have leapfrog development.


For example, in the field of space and aviation, after the improvement of China’s scientific and technological level, we launched a fierce exploration of space. Through decades of efforts, we finally made a qualitative leap, and have our own navigation system, namely Beidou. In the past, many of China’s technologies had to rely on western countries to achieve, and China was fully capable of achieving self-sufficiency. The development of the space industry is not easy, not only to spend a lot of human and material resources, but also a lot of brave astronauts. Why does the state ban childbearing after women astronauts return to earth? The reason behind it is so tearful!


We can see the unremitting efforts of these astronauts. The physical quality of astronauts should be strong enough, and they also have great courage. When they enter space, they feel fear in their hearts, but their strong courage has been supporting them and winning glory for their country. In fact, there are many regulations for astronauts, one of which seems unreasonable. When we know the real reason, everyone will cry. That is, after the female astronauts complete the space mission, they will be infertile for a long time. What is the reason behind it?


At the beginning, many people thought that the regulation was unreasonable. However, after careful consideration, they realized that it was also for the health of female astronauts. They were exposed to a lot of radiation in space, which inevitably caused certain harm to human cells. In the past, China cultivated space vegetables in space. Due to radiation, the genes of these vegetables changed and new species appeared.


It is difficult to guarantee that the radiation will not affect the astronaut’s body. If the child is born rashly after returning to earth, the child may be affected, which is unfair to the child. After learning the truth, many people are proud of the female astronauts, who sacrificed themselves for their country. This regulation made by the state is also for the physical consideration of astronauts. We only see the bright surface of astronauts, but we don’t know that every astronaut has to make unremitting efforts to enter space.


Space is in a vacuum environment. They have suffered a lot. If they bring their suffering to their children, they will feel regret in their hearts. They have to praise the country’s very considerate regulation, which perfectly takes into account the body of female astronauts. We should hold a heart of awe for every astronaut. They have made a lot of outstanding contributions for their country and deserve to be respected. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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