Why does the sun burn for 4.6 billion and not go out? Where will it go in the future

The earth is not only a planet of life, but also a planet of wisdom and civilization. The main reason why the earth can give birth to life and human is the existence of the sun. The sun brings light and heat to the earth, suitable temperature and light of life. Without the sun, there would be no life on earth.

In ancient times, people regarded the sun as a totem and deified it. However, with the continuous progress of human civilization, people have more and more understanding of the sun. We now know that the sun is actually one of the countless stars in the universe. In addition to its huge volume and mass, stars also have a characteristic of being able to burn. It is the burning of stars that brings some light to the Dark Universe and gives birth to life in the universe probably. The sun is the biggest star in the solar system, people’s interest in it is also very high, also want to have more knowledge and understanding of the sun.

I believe the first question that many people want to understand is why the sun can burn for 4.6 billion years without extinction? Will it keep burning like this? Where it will go in the future. In our cognition, the combustion of any matter needs fuel. Without fuel, no matter can burn. Although the sun is special, it cannot change the basic law of the universe.


Besides fuel, we need oxygen to burn materials on the earth, and there is no material on the earth that can burn for 4.6 billion years. So why can the sun burn for such a long time? This is mainly due to the strong burning pattern of the sun. The traditional combustion is chemical combustion, and the combustion of the sun is nuclear fusion reaction.

If the sun is burning through chemical fuels to generate energy, then the sun has been extinguished for millions of years, but now the sun’s fuel still has no signs of extinction, and is still as strong as before. Before we knew about nuclear energy and put forward the mass energy equation, we had no idea about the burning of the sun. We didn’t know what the sun was like.

However, as human beings began to understand nuclear energy, Einstein put forward the equation of mass and energy that influenced the world, and then a turn for the better appeared. Scientists began to think about whether the burning of the sun is a kind of nuclear burning? Finally, through research and experiments, it is finally determined that the burning mode of the sun is actually a powerful nuclear fusion reaction. Fuel is the hydrogen that’s abundant inside the sun.

We can think of the sun as a huge nuclear fusion reactor, in which nuclear fusion happens all the time. The photons produced by fusion are thrown onto the surface of the sun, forming a burning state. The reaction of nuclear fusion is inseparable from hydrogen atoms, and there are a large number of hydrogen atoms in the sun. These hydrogen atoms fuse with each other, and huge energy is released in the process of fusion reaction. Of course, as long as it is the burning of matter, it will not be endless. It will be consumed one day, and so will the hydrogen atom in the sun.


Maybe many people think that the sun will go out after burning hydrogen, and will become a planet without light and heat. Will it develop in this direction? The burning of a star is about 10 billion years. When the star is no longer fueled, it will not quietly become a planet without light and heat, but will transform into another kind of celestial body.

The end of a star with relatively large mass is to collapse inward into a singularity with infinitesimal volume and infinitesimal mass, and then press through the cosmic membrane to form a black hole with super strong gravity. A star of medium mass will evolve into a neutron star after death, while a small star like the sun will eventually become a white dwarf.

So what happens to the earth when the sun stops burning? In fact, this is not complicated. When the sun reaches the end of its life, it has already begun to transform into a red giant. About one billion years later, the sun began to expand and transform into a red giant. The expanding sun would devour the orbits of mercury and Venus, when the sun was very large and close to earth.


Because the earth is close to the sun, the earth’s temperature will continue to rise, has been unable to adapt to human survival. The earth was slowly baked into a fiery planet, just like Venus now. If human beings want to survive, they have to emigrate to other planets and go to Mars. They can also migrate directly to earth like planets that are suitable for human survival outside the solar system.

Of course, we don’t need to worry about the fate of mankind after the sun is no longer burning. In another billion years, no one can imagine how advanced human civilization will be. As long as human civilization can continue to develop, one billion years may have been able to cross the Milky way and travel to every corner of the Milky way. There will be a lot of living planets to be found, and so will human colonial planets Many. Humans don’t have to worry about where they’re not going.

If human beings are strong enough, at that time, they can use powerful technology to immigrate the earth to the solar system, and make the earth a mobile wandering planet. Powerful technology can also do this, so that the earth will not be swallowed by the sun and will be preserved forever.

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