Why does the sun continue to burn for 4 billion years and release 4.2 million tons of energy per second?

As we all know, all the energy on the earth comes from solar radiation. Solar radiation actually means that the sun is self burning, and the earth receives a little bit of self burning energy, accounting for about 1 / 22 billion.

These figures do not mean that human beings can use energy, in other words, only 1 / 2200 billion of solar radiation can be used by human beings.

According to the calculation of astronomers, the total energy of solar radiation is amazing. If you want to maintain this high-intensity combustion, it means that you need to consume at least 4.2 million tons of energy per second. But so far, the sun has a life span of more than 4 billion years, so why hasn’t the sun’s gravity and energy been weakened?


Before discussing whether a thing will be apoptotic, we should first understand how things work, so why does the sun burn? The reason is that the sun has been squeezed by itself, it has no resistance, then the sun will be pressed into a small ball under its own gravity, but the actual situation is that the sun has produced a nuclear fusion reaction.

During the process of self extrusion, its core temperature rises sharply. According to the spectrum, it has reached about 60000 degrees, and its core temperature can reach 15 million degrees.

Many people may be surprised by this data, but in fact, the mass of the sun is much larger than we think, so the number of particles is also very large, so even if the probability is low, it may be very possible in front of such a huge number. Therefore, the sun’s nuclear fusion reaction relies on its own huge weight and quantum effect. Therefore, the life of the sun is very slow. Perhaps we can compare the hydrogen bomb with the atomic bomb here. They will never blow up anything like the hydrogen bomb.


So it means that although the sun has been burning all the time in the past several billion years, the main reason is that its mass is really huge enough. After all, it will lose 4.2 million tons of energy per second.

However, the mass of the sun itself has reached 198.9 million × 10 tons to the 27th power. This data is actually difficult to get out now. After all, the 4.2 million tons mentioned just now is 20 times higher. At this time, even if it has been burning for 4 billion years, the total mass loss is only 0.03% of its own mass, so these will not have a great impact on it.

Of course, quantitative change will accumulate into a huge change. Scientists speculate that it will be several billion years before this effect becomes significant. The gravity will become smaller. At this time, the nuclear fusion reaction will become more intense, and the solar radiation will also weaken. Only then will the sun gradually reduce its own light.


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