Why does the sun get hot when it hits the earth? Many people may not know the answer

The sun is a huge star, it brings light and heat to the earth, and the birth of the earth’s life and human beings are inseparable from the appropriate temperature brought by the sun to the earth. It can be said that the sun is the mother of the earth’s life.

Before human beings entered the road of scientific and technological development, some people of the prophet had already recognized the existence of space, knew that there was a vast universe beyond the earth, and the sun was the center of the solar system. However, at that time, people knew nothing about space, let alone the temperature of space.

Maybe in the eyes of many ancient people, the earth can have such a temperature because of the sun’s irradiation, so in the space where the sun lives, the temperature should be higher. However, with the development of science and technology, after walking out of the earth, we know that space is not a warm space, where the temperature is very low, it can be said that it is extremely cold.


At this time, many people have a question in their mind: the space between the sun and the earth is extremely cold. Why does the sun get hot when it shines on the earth? What’s the reason? In fact, to understand this problem, we must first have a clear understanding of the heating of temperature. We can feel the temperature of the object, and we can also feel the rising temperature of the sun after it reaches the earth.

Why does the temperature of an object change? What factors determine the temperature of an object? In the past, it was difficult for people to understand the change of temperature from the macro level. It was not until people began to study the micro field and entered the micro world that they really understood the mystery of temperature change. It turns out that the essence of temperature is the intensity of molecular thermal motion.

When the molecular motion becomes more and more intense, the temperature of the object is also increasing, otherwise the temperature will continue to decrease. The reason why the temperature has the lower limit of absolute zero is that the ultimate motion of the molecule is static. As long as it is completely static, there will be no molecular motion, and the temperature will naturally drop to the lowest.


After understanding the relationship between molecular motion and temperature, we understand that if the temperature wants to rise, there must be molecular motion, and the molecule is the basic unit of matter. That is to say, the embodiment of temperature needs a carrier. From the micro field, the carrier is all kinds of molecules. From the macro field, it is all kinds of gases, dust and other substances.

After watching this, we go back to space. We all know that space is actually a vacuum state. Of course, this vacuum does not mean that there is no matter in space. Space is not empty. It is full of a large number of high-energy particles. However, these high-energy particles seem to be many, but they are scattered in the vast universe, and their density is very low. For example, there are only about 0.26 atoms per cubic centimeter of interstellar space, while at sea level, there are about 5.37×10 ^ 19 atoms per cubic centimeter of air. From this simple ratio, we can see that this “space” is really space.

In such a thin space of the sun and the earth, there is no large amount of temperature carrier material, so most photons will pass through space to reach the atmosphere, the ocean and the earth’s surface, and then the whole range of the earth’s atmosphere, water and lithosphere. Although space is very empty, the density of particles is negligible.


However, once it enters the earth, the situation will be completely different. The earth is a material world. From the outermost atmosphere to the underground world, it is made up of materials, which can act as the carrier of temperature. Therefore, when sunlight enters the earth’s atmosphere, it can intensify the molecular motion in the atmosphere, dust, rock and other materials, so the atmosphere, dust, rock and so on The material of the stone will keep rising, which will make the temperature of the whole earth rise.

Of course, different carriers have different degrees of temperature conduction. Some carriers have little effect on temperature conduction, while others have very strong ability, such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide as a temperature carrier, it allows sunlight to shine in, but does not allow the lower band of infrared radiation to spread out, it is very domineering to protect the temperature into the atmosphere, do not let them escape.

For a planet, if it wants to maintain a good temperature, it must have the participation of carbon dioxide, which is the authority in this field. However, everything has its extremes. The concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, which is not a good thing for a planet. For example, the surface temperature of Venus is more than 400 degrees. According to the truth, Venus is the neighbor of the earth. It is in the habitable zone, and its surface temperature should be similar to that of the earth.


However, because more than 96% of the material in Venus’ atmosphere is carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect of Venus is particularly serious, and the temperature is getting higher and higher. It is difficult for such a planet to give birth to life. If the carbon dioxide concentration in Venus’ atmosphere is within a reasonable range, it is possible that Venus will also be a beautiful planet of life, rather than a purgatory planet like this.

In fact, the temperature of the earth has been rising in recent years. The reason is that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing year by year due to the greenhouse gases caused by industrial pollution. The greenhouse effect is becoming more and more obvious, and the global temperature is also increasing year by year. If human beings do not protect the earth well and pay no attention to greenhouse gas emissions, it is possible that the earth will become a purgatory planet like Venus in the future.

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